R3V3NGE and Crypto.com collaborate to bring exclusive NFT Shotgun

R3V3NGE, an NFT game, and Crypto.com have collaborated for a mission that the community is going to thoroughly enjoy. Per the announcement by R3V3NGE, the collaboration with Crypto.com is with the objective of making available the exclusive Shotgun NFT to the community. The holders of the Shotgun will have a power boost via airdrop in the form of strength, health, speed, or armor.

The launch of the Shotgun NFT is expected to go live on April 14, 2023, for the price of $99. Other elements that could go live are in-game avatars.

The exclusive Shotgun NFT will be an important addition to the list for gamers of R3V3NGE. It is a game where players must shoot zombies to survive in different game modes like Battle Royale. R3V3NGE is currently in open beta, with the majority of positive responses to its name. Players have killed over 100,000 zombies since the launch of the game. R3V3NGE is an NFT game where players earn rewards by smashing zombies with a weapon.

Crypto.com has over 50 million users, and noticed a slight decline in November 2022 after FTX reported its collapse in the market. The crypto exchange platform will host the exclusive NFT for R3V3NGE.

Holders to get their hands on the exclusive NFT will gain three votes in PolyLand DAO. They will have considerable influence on deciding how the next game rolls out once R3V3NGE concludes. An AMA session with the founders of R3V3NGE is scheduled for April 10, 2023.

One can head over to Crypto.com for all their crypto needs – buying, selling, and/or trading. The platform is trusted by more than 80 million users across the globe. It hosts over 250 cryptocurrencies along with 20+ fiat currencies. These can be bought and/or sold with bank transfers or credit/debit cards. One can explore Crypto.com reviews to get more information about the platform. The review further covers how users can earn interest at Crypto.com.

Crypto.com has recently launched a VISA card to serve all the major purposes of its community. Crypto.com VISA cards can be topped up by using either fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Holders of Crypto.com VISA card enjoy a cashback of up to 5%.

Earlier known as Monaco, Crypto.com offers a lot of perks to its community. For instance, it is a one-stop shop with several functions available for users at their fingertips. This includes buying, selling, and trading. Meaning users do not require to connect with a broker to operate the platform. 

Until then, the partnership between Crypto.com and R3V3NGE is here to ensure that the players get the exclusive NFT for a better gaming experience. Weapons are, needless to say, crucial in a game where players have to kill zombies to survive and advance to the next level.

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