Radiant Capital announces going live on the Ethereum mainnet

Radiant Capital recently announced going live on the Ethereum mainnet. The announcement was made on the official X/Twitter account of Radiant Capital.

The integration was powered by Balancer, Stargate Finance, and LayerZero Labs. Besides the announcement, the X thread also mentioned the ETH token address for Radiant – 0x137dDB47Ee24EaA998a535Ab00378d6BFa84F893.

The network went on to explain why going live on the mainnet was a natural move. The tweet stated how DefiLlama has tracked over 70 billion dollars in stables on Ethereum. Out of this, 20 billion dollars are being utilized as TVL (total value locked).

Since RWAs and LSTs are on the rise, Ethereum is perfectly placed to capitalize on the movement. With the latest expansion, Radiant offers borrowing and lending services on the mainnet. Currently, the network offers these services for Lido Finance’s stETH, MakerDAO’s sDAI, and Rocket Pool’s rETH.

As DeFi can be hard to navigate, Radiant is using Stargate Finance for bridging and OFTs through LayerZero Labs. With a smaller number of transactions, Radiant is simplifying the domain for new users.

Radiant is committed to maintaining complete security, and that is why the network has been audited several times. Names like BlockSec, Zokyo, Open Zeppelin, and PeckShield have already audited the network. 

Moreover, the network is constantly trying to find any possible vulnerabilities using its bug bounty program.

dLP, or Dynamic Liquidity Provisioning, will serve as the foundation of Radiant V2 to facilitate gated emissions and fee sharing on the money market. Balancer supports this innovation through its ve80/20. Simultaneously, the tokenomics model is undergoing rigorous testing on the BNB Chain and Arbitrum networks.


The latest integration has brought Radiant closer to its ultimate vision of becoming the premiere omnichain money market.

Scott Cook

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