How Raiinmaker Supports Laudato Tree and Changing the Game with Blockchain Tech

One of the biggest names to look out for in Global Field Day is the founder of Laudato Tree, 17-year-old Vivienne Harr, who’s been an active climate change activist for years.

Vivienne has grown from being inspired by a picture of two Nepali boys suffering modern slavery to becoming a speaker at Twitter, Mashable, Google, PayPal, Square, Linkedin, Disney, The United Nations, and Lead2015 with President Bill Clinton. 

In her words, while looking forward to this year’s Global Field Day event, she says,

You don’t need to be big or powerful to change the world. You just need to follow your heart – and stand for what you believe in.

Moreover, as a big supporter of initiatives to save the planet, Raiinmaker’s CEO has joined to support climate-preserving charities. 

The fan engagement platform has recently teamed up with companies like Cosmic Wire to show much-need support to several charities supporting the environment, including Vivienne Harr’s charity Laudato Tree.

On the other hand, in 2020, Raiinmaker put out the beta version of its influencer marketing platform to empower and help fans share reward-backed campaigns. Users were to earn rewards for endorsements too.

A year later, Raiinmaker, with the help of its proprietary algorithm known as Proof of Influence, is focused on delivering sound analytics about their campaign spend.

Rainmaker uses proof of influence to measure the campaign’s return, impact, views, and much more.

If you didn’t know what Raiinmaker is all about and how much they are changing the fan engagement space for the best, here’s what it is and hopes to achieve.

What Is Raiinmaker? 

As stated, Raiinmaker is a fan engagement platform where brands and creators mature, incentivize, and reward fans while building a community together in the process.

On Raiinmaker, users aim to support an idea or passion right from prelaunch to when it hits the market. 

There are lots of new and exciting projects launching in the NFT and wider crypto space frequently.

Keeping up with multiple projects might be a difficult or time-consuming task, but Raiinmaker streamlines the whole process of fan engagement and influencing.

With Raiinmaker, you discover projects you want to influence, and you get to earn rewards. Rewards may well be determined by how early and just how much a user influences a crypto project.

Raiinmaker uses earned metrics like views, comments, shares, and likes to measure the impact and return of projects and campaigns.

All of these help them provide a great experience for influencers who use the platform. As of the time of writing, Raiinmaker is on track to launch its cryptocurrency token, Coiin, next month, and it promises to be super.

Raiinmaker Links Up With Multimedia Company Cosmic Wire and Renowned Artist, Banksy

Yes, Raiinmaker is teaming up with Cosmic Wire and mysterious street artist Banksy to support several climate charities on #GlobalFieldDay.

Moreover, they hope to do this by creating six unique NFT-based art of Banksy’s works and tie tokens to what’s left of Banksy’s iconic original Spy Booth mural.

What’s more, all of the royalties streams of the NFTs will be given as support to the following charities actively combating climate change:

In addition to that, Cosmic Wire and Raiinmaker will be giving away a sum of $100,000 as well. Celebrities and Athletes get to compete for this 100k prize money and will be opportune to donate to a charity of their choice. 

The contest will separate them into five teams. Raiinmaker will require each member to post videos of themselves on social media doing challenges as varied as the plank, victory dances, and push-ups.

Raiinmaker Links Up With Multimedia Company Cosmic Wire and Renowned Artist, Banksy
Image Source: Global Field Day

The contest will undoubtedly track contesters who drive the most donations to the listed charities and social engagements through their campaigns on Raiinmaker’s mobile app.

This is a great and noble initiative, and the founder of Raiinmaker, J.D. Seraphine couldn’t be more proud.

Explaining the need for Raiinmaker’s involvement, Seraphine said,

Right now, we all must step up and do our part to help turn the tide at this important moment with climate change. We’re honored to support all the important work of the CfRN, Laudato Tree, and the American Forest Association.

The partnership couldn’t be more pleasant as the CEO of Cosmic Wire reiterated Raiinmaker’s stance sparking up more to look forward to and expect. 

We at Cosmic are truly excited to reintroduce the world to this amazing piece and preserve it indefinitely for future generations to enjoy.

Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Finck said,

These remnants are all that remain of the work, and now they will be time-capsuled forever in the blockchain,

There’s also John Aston Warder, Robert Douglas’s American Forest Association, and Kevin Conrad’s Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) to look out for when donating and participating.


Raiinmaker seeks to align brand goals and incentives so it can generate suitable word-of-mouth and increase fan affinity for projects and companies that patronize them.

It does so by leveraging the might of decentralized identity, giving brands and creators alike the opportunity to drive engagements and stimulate well-meaning conversations to move their community ahead.

The cherry on top is the use of blockchain technology to automate the whole fan engagement process.

It gives digital rewards more streamlined than traditional solutions to fan engagements helping fans grow and earn via their actions.

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