Rally alert: Bitgert coin price primed for upward momentum this week

Bitgert has shown good signs with the momentum gained recently. Despite the market condition dwindling and unstable, Bitgert has managed to stay strong and experience growth. Due to this strength exhibited, Bitgert has gained attention of many as investors are beginning to see possibilities of an uptrend soon.

The market started making a recovery this week and as a result, it gives Bitgert the freedom to push even higher, which the recent momentum has shown. With the trading volume growing gradually, an uptrend for Bitgert is now inevitable this week.

Let’s take a look at how Bitgert could grow in price valuation this week.

Bitgert’s price movement in last four weeks

The last few weeks have been rather unfavorable for the market condition with BTC making a downtrend below $60k which led to a downtrend in other cryptocurrencies. Despite the downtrend, Bitgert was able to maintain a strong position, having experienced an uptrend of about 7.4%, while other meme coins kept going down. The utilities embedded in it gave Bitgert the strength to overcome BTC’s general influence in the market.

BTC have been able to break the barrier and crossed $60k, now at a price range $63k. Bitgert is set to continue with the momentum which it’s got to hit a massive uptrend. It has currently made an uptrend of 36% in the last 24 hours and shows no sign of slowing down so far.

Many investors and analysts in the crypto sector are closely monitoring the movement with more investors buying to avoid missing out from the uptrend in store for Bitgert coin. Experts are convinced with the movement, it could hit a new All Time High in coming months.

Fundamental analysis showing Bitgert’s possible uptrend this week

Fundamental analysis is one of the most essential factors to take into consideration before investing in any crypto project. It involves conducting critical research into a project to understand the driving factors that could cause success of any project. This entails following up market news, understanding the utilities which a project has, monitoring market trends, looking deep into the plan of the project involved.

When all these factors are considered for Bitgert, it has given a convincing result that its price valuation is set to the top. Reports related to Bitgert has been positive with many financial backers fully convinced the project is headed to the top. It’s got utilities that serve huge benefits for investors across the industry. In terms of scalability, Bitgert is unmatched as this is a reason there is an influx of investors recently. It is also embedded with so many other compelling features. With fundamental analysis on Bitgert looking positive, investors are set for uptrend this week.


Bitgert is one coin to keep an eye on to avoid missing out from profit this week. Scrutiny should be conducted before taking any decision. To know more about Bitgert, Visit https://bitgert.com.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended. 

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