RAMP V2 Goes Live on Polygon with Vault Migration

Polygon continues its market surge in the form of another project launch. Now RAMP, the global DeFi solution, is launching its V2 on the Polygon network. The coming week will also see ETH vaults migrating to Polygon.

RAMP is already integrated on platforms such as Binance Smart Chain, where it facilitates optimal yield returns and value. Depositing assets in the vaults provided by RAMP redeploy the assets for better yield. The yield is enhanced even more with the help of auto-compounding features.

RAMP also allows Binance users to mint rUSD (collateralized stablecoin) to use on the PancakeSwap for better token prospects. RAMP V2 integrating on Polygon will offer similar results to Polygon while allowing RAMP to work on its multi-chain objective.

Offering an Esteemed DeFi Experience to the Polygon Community

By migrating the ETH vaults to Polygon, RAMP is helping both Polygon users and its community. As per our MATIC forecast, the Polygon community will reap perks in terms of yields and prices, while RAMP users will get a low fee and high-speed transaction experience. Also, you can read more about the future MATIC price forecast from our forecast section.

If users desire, they can switch between ETH and Polygon, allowing them to avoid network congestion. Furthermore, after depositing assets on Polygon using RAMP V2 vaults, users can access the auto-compound features to earn optimal yield returns. 

Moreover, now Polygon users will also be able to mint rUSD against tokens while using rUSD on Polygon’s native AMM (automated market maker), QuickSwap, to buy tokens directly. The rUSD and RAMP liquidity pools will go live on 15 June 2021, and users can start the migration process on the same day.

Expectations and Timeline for the Migration

RAMP’s Single-Asset Value

  • The vault will open on 11 June at 2:00 UTC.
  • The “Migrate” function will be visible on the menu for asset migration.
  • RAMP will migrate almost 70% of the ETH vaults rewards to Polygon. It will take 48 hours to shift the rewards.
  • Users can maintain ETH vaults with the remaining 30% rewards.
  • The V1 rewards will be null, so users are advised to shift to RAMP V2 ETH or Polygon vaults.

RAMP – ETH Vault (Uniswap to QuickSwap)

  • The event will take place on 15 June 2021.
  • The platform will offer complete migration assistance to users.

RAMP – rUSD Liquidity Pool Vault on QuickSwap

  • The vault will launch on 15 June 2021.
  • RAMP will later provide additional details to users.

Moreover, RAMP will deploy the cross-chain rUSD transfers in the coming time as well. The same is expected to be delivered through the Q3 release. At the pace, Polygon is continuing, the collaboration is bound to render esteemed results.

RAMP is helping Polygon maintain its market momentum by launching its V2 on the network. The integration will allow Polygon users to mint rUSD and experience optimal yield results. The coming week will see RAMP migrating 70% of the ETH vault rewards to Polygon.

Scott Cook

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