Rangnörak Teams Up with Chainlink to Bring VFG to NFT Battle Game

NFTs and GameFi have become integral in the crypto ecosystem in the last couple of years, and this onset led to the creation of new projects and games that intend to exploit this new avenue. Ragnarök was built on the Ethereum blockchain to allow players to partake in tournaments and fight for prizes and NFTs. Defined as a “Gamified Automated NFT Drops,” Ragnarök is the first of its kind in the Ethereum blockchain. 

The NFT game holds 12-round tournaments where users fight until only one of them stands. Although winning the tournament comes with substantial profits, the winner does not take it all home. The players will be allowed to claim their prizes for every round in the native RROK tokens. The project faces several hindrances to ensure transparency and fairness during the tournaments. The recent reports suggest that the game has found a solution for these in ChainLink’s new Verifiably Random Function built on the Ethereum mainnet.

ChainLink is one of the most renowned oracle networks out there in the crypto ecosystem. The project is usually used by decentralized exchanges to bring tamper-proof price feeds from third-party sources. The oracle networks built using ChainLink can connect to any external APIs without compatibility or security issues. While managing billions of dollars in DeFi, ChainLink has opened its account in the NFT and GameFi market with the new tie-up with Ragnarök. The VRF protocol of ChainLink will ensure fairness and randomness while matchmaking during the games and brings verifiable and auditable sources for the NFT battle.

The VRF protocol from ChainLink comes as an alternative for the existing random number generators. In Ragnörak’s defense, the current RNG options require extra efforts and funds to fortify the infrastructure’s security. While on-chain RNGs are likely to be exploited by miners and validators, there is no way to ensure the integrity of external RNGs. The research-based, time-tested solution brought in by ChainLink uses cryptographic proofs to ensure such mistakes do not happen here. The Ragnörak smart contracts will be reprogrammed to accept only the cryptographic proofs from ChainLink. These outcomes are verifiable and random and are processed only when the system is tamper-proof. It would ensure that games in Ragnörak are free of manipulation.

Rangnörak will also cover the costs needed to carry out this process. The project is hoping to bring down the gas fees and VRF expenses. Because the game is hoping to go fully automatic with the integration of ChainLink Keepers, the protocol would help the game start, end, and host rounds and games without having to compromise decentralization. Masterbrews co-founder Keith Bussey believes that ChainLink is what the team of Ragnörak has been waiting for, thanks to the protocol’s ability to ensure randomness at a level never seen before.

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