Rarible partners with Cross The Ages

Rarible took to Twitter to announce its partnership with Cross The Ages. Users can now trade digital-to-physical cards on the platform, bringing the best of sci-fi and fantasy worlds. The objective of the partnership is to support the Polygon community marketplace that is now powered by Rarible Protocol.

Cross The Ages is a collectible card game that is based on seven fantasy and sci-fi novels. Users can now discover the NFT collection and avail themselves of several benefits of holding the digital pieces in their accounts. While the benefits are time sensitive and subject to change, they mostly include granting the NFT holder early access to the game, access to CTA Token presale, and valuable mythic cards, to mention a few.

Anyone can get their Cross The Ages – Arkhante Premium Pack on the platform and begin trading.

A total of 9.7k items are listed at the time of drafting this article and according to the official website. The trading volume stands at 1.8M Matic, wherein 8.2k owners have got their hands on the digital cards. The highest sale has touched the mark of 1,742.528 MATIC, with the lowest price starting from 309.542 MATIC.

NFTs that have been recently listed are Arkhante Booster Pimus Pack and Arkhtante Booster Disciple Pack. Users who register on the platform have to first connect their wallets – Coinbase Wallet or Wallet Connect. Private keys are now owned by Cross The Ages, and funds are safe since they cannot be accessed without the holder’s confirmation.

Rarible is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that is centered around the community built from scratch. Aggregated in nature, Rarible is built on Rarible Protocol with support dedicatedly for $RARI. The native token can be locked in the ecosystem to get 0% fees on transactions.

A total of five blockchains are supported by Rarible, namely Flow, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Tezos. More blockchains could soon be integrated in the days to come, as per a statement mentioned by Rarible in the FAQ section. NFTs can be minted on any of these blockchains. Transition is allowed by accessing the Explore tab.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is one of the hot collections on Rarible with a floor price of 13 ETH, higher than most of the other NFTs listed in the marketplace. Sewer Pass is available as well, with a floor price of 1.388 ETH.

Rarible Protocol also powers all other NFT marketplaces that are built by the users specifically for their communities.

In addition to minting NFTs on the above-mentioned blockchains, users can also buy and sell their digital holdings on any of those blockchains. The transition from one blockchain to another is allowed in all cases. Choosing a blockchain comes in handy when a user is looking to target a select audience for trading purposes.

It is, however, important to note that NFTs minted on a blockchain cannot be moved to another blockchain. They can only be minted again on a different blockchain.

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