Rate That Crypto: This new P2E crypto is going viral – How to buy early

Rate That Crypto (RTC) to revolutionize the P2E industry

The metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact with each other over the internet. Metaverse games are becoming increasingly popular as they allow players to experience an immersive, interactive gaming environment while also earning rewards in cryptocurrency.

Play-to-earn crypto games have been gaining popularity recently, and the metaverse concept ties in seamlessly with this business model. They are usually populated with game characters, items, and locations that can be interacted with to progress through the game.

Players may be able to customize their avatars and their environment or participate in social activities—all while exploring the world around them.

Many of the best P2E games offer stunning visuals and rewarding gameplay experiences. Players can team up with their friends or go solo to progress through levels, collect rewards, and even trade or purchase virtual goods.

There are numerous P2E games available but finding promising P2E gaming projects takes time and effort. However, we discovered one gaming platform generating tremendous interest among players and investors with its exciting features and use cases.

Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Rate That Crypto is a mobile platform where players can earn cryptos and NFTs by accurately predicting the price direction of any crypto tokens of their choice.

The aim is to rank among the top 100 players in the leaderboard to earn the platform’s native token, $RTC, and other prizes.

At the end of the month, the top 100 players will earn a percentage of the prize pool. The prize pool is generated from multiple sources, including $RTC token allocation, ads revenue, and buy and sell tax of $RTC.

Apart from gaming, Rate That Crypto is designed to be educational, helping users to learn and discover various crypto projects. Users will also experience volatility and fluctuations in the crypto market in a fun way without risking their money.

This platform is looking to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn (P2E) industry and bring something unique to the table – A web3-integrated gaming platform.

All of this makes $RTC a profit time bomb, and with the presale just recently launched, now is the best time to get in early and count the profits. You can now buy $RTC tokens at a considerable discount on the ongoing presale. According to analysts, it can easily do 100x in value in the first few months of 2023.

How to Buy $RTC in The Presale

Since $RTC is not available on centralized exchanges, the asset is only available on Rate That Crypto’s website. To purchase it, investors will need to get a self-custodial wallet. We recommend using MetaMask.

Investors will also need to purchase $USDC to fund their $RTC purchase. While these assets can be found on a reputable exchange, investors can also find them on the Rate That Crypto presale page.

Go to the Rate That Crypto home page and click on the “Connect Polygon Wallet” button. Investors can select a crypto wallet in the dialog box and follow the instructions displayed.

After connecting your wallet, investors can purchase $RTC. Tokens will be available at launch. 

For more information on Rate That Crypto, click the links below:

Presale Website www.ratethatcrypto.com

Twitter www.twitter.com/ratethatcrypto

Discord https://discord.gg/hXhNBE5RRy


Telegram https://t.me/ratethatcrypto

Reddit www.reddit.com/r/ratethatcrypto/

YouTube https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC4q9c9mYjLBPv4FdQM_RiVg

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