Raven Announces World’s First IDO, Which Is Something Not Instigated By Binance, Binance Chain, Or Binance DEX

The first project running on the Binance DEX launcher is Raven Protocol. (RAVEN)-The Raven protocol will be incorporated into the Binance DEX list on 17th June and is open for trade at 9:00 UTC.RAVEN reported that this would be the first venture in which IEO will be pitched on Binance DEX. Besides, the majority of people know very little information about RAVEN; this could be the start of another effective IEO platform. The Raven Protocol group presents the IDO. Moreover, the IDO is planned only for a specific time as the listing on the Binance DEX.

The recent news from Binance blog can be read from the below link –

Raven Protocol (RAVEN) Will Get Listed on Binance DEX

Exciting news!

Raven Protocol (RAVEN) will be listed on 17th June 2019

The RAVEN/BNB pair will open for trading at 09:00 AM (UTC)


Raven Protocol

Raven Protocol is established as a distributed and decentralized deep learning protocol. The significant advantage is its time saving and speed. The group behind the project profoundly accepts that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning should not be focused only by large organizations. As indicated by Raven, it must be decentralized. In this Instance, blockchain is trusted to change the whole AI industry.

In a recent tweet,

A new concept, #IDO, is being invented by the Raven Protocol (RAVEN) team. Creative @SHERM8N. Let’s see how it works.


Being declared as an independent ecosystem, Raven Protocol has its local token RAVEN. It will encourage exchange inside this ecosystem. Moreover, it can be utilized as a method for payment for developing AI motors, as a reward for supporters who offer computer assets.

Presently, Raven Protocol has been listed on Binance DEX. A decentralized trade is significant because it is the crypto network that encourages this industry to move forward. Moreover, Getting recorded on Binance DEX required a network vote. To be listed, each of the 11 out of 11 Binance Chain validators voted “Yes” for Raven Protocol.

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