Raze Network and ARPA Announce Strategic Collaboration

Raze Network, a substrate-centered cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem, has announced its strategic partnership with ARPA, a secure blockchain-compatible computation network, which proposes a blockchain-based secure computation network of Multi-party Computation (MPC). In their announcement, they said that as both entities strive to work towards online privacy, their partnership aims to strengthen the synergies and protect important data erosion and also explore new ways to step up privacy with a project that provides blockchain-based layer 2 solutions for privacy-preserving computation.

ARPA primarily separates data utility from ownership to enable renting. Its MPC protocol helps collaborative analysis of multiple entities and extracts data synergy without compromising the input data’s privacy and security. On the other hand, Raze Network, a cross-chain privacy middleware for Web3.0 and DeFi, provides complete anonymity to the process and ensures user data online footprints privacy is secure.

Hence, when both announce a partnership, they aim to fortify online privacy and security. ARPA has also taken part in Privacy-Preserving Computation Series at the Development of China’s New National Standard, which had been a foundation for their proven quality. Raze Network alludes zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to construct a second layer divided unnamed module. It will then be combined as a multi-layered smart contract. Raze Network enables cross-chain privacy-centric payment and trading systems that will also increase the transparency and online behaviors from being monitored.

Scott Cook

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