Razor Network now accessible on the Moonbeam Network

The Razor network is now accessible on Moonbeam Network, a base for cross-chain-linked applications that combine assets and functions about multiple blockchains. It helps to improve the builder exposure by uniting total Etereum adaptability with the potential of Polkadot. This involves upgradability, cross-chain incorporations, and on-chain governance.

Following the incorporation of the Razor Network within the Moonbeam Network, builders can use a trustless, real-time price feed for their dApps. This makes it possible to broaden the functions and abilities of decentralized applications on the Moonbeam Network.

Through Razor Network’s Bridge V2’s delivery, the infrastructure transforms into a pull-oriented design. This helps strengthen users’ ability to take back the prices on the on-chain as and when required.

When the Razor Network arrives at a consensus regarding the price feeds, a dependable entity like the operator of Razor Oracle does a signing. It is then kept off-chain. This deliverance is a fresh REST API that offers connectivity with the off-chain data.

If on-chain data becomes necessary, users can implement a single transaction, update the on-chain pricing, and utilize it in other protocols. The required transaction data is receivable from the off-chai service (REST API). The data with the signature is finally verified on-chain, and the updated price is offered to the user.

This procedure enables Razor Network to effectively update a large volume of price feeds throughout various blockchains, improving the safety aspects related to the present protocols. It does this by eliminating the threats linked with delayed Oracle updates during times of fluctuating gas prices.

Where Razor Network is concerned, it is a doubting blockchain decentralized Oracle base meant for living up to the diversified needs of decentralized finance.

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