Re is Creating a Decentralized Global Insurance Market Using Avalanche

Re is in the due process of constructing a decentralized insurance marketplace by perching itself on the Avalanche platform. This will be on a global level. The exercise will help and assist in tokenizing reinsurance and open the doors for the opportunity of being in a position to reach out and connect with a multitude of institutions, many more than its existing ones. 

At this juncture, it is necessary to delve more into what this entity entails. Re is, in actuality, a blockchain-powered reinsurer, which after receiving funding, has parted ways with stealth mode and is presently engaged in the construction of decentralized reinsurance by attaching itself to the Avalanche platform and all of this globally. 

The purpose behind this exercise is to be able to heighten all matters by becoming more open regarding its activities. Regarding Re’s present profile, it is a platform that allows recognized investors to connect and offer support to real-world-based insurance companies and have greater insight, so far as the associated insurance policies are concerned. 

This decentralized insurance marketplace will be constructed on Avalanche’s C-Chain and a Subnet. The whole idea and intention behind this is to have the prime dApp connect with the C-Chain, whereas all private and confidential matters will be securely ensconced on the Subnet. 

This, in turn, will automatically provide much more openness and become more pliable. Further, it will also benefit in all matters of quickness and every aspect related to safety. All of this will be possible by gaining from these exclusive features existing in Avalanche. Re is Creating a Decentralized Global Insurance Market Using Avalanche

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