Realm and YDragon Join Hands to Expand Metaverse Gaming Capabilities

Announcing its upcoming partnership with Realm, YDragon has expressed the hope that this coming together will help the cryptocurrency segment to expand its reach among the target market in a more effective manner. YDragon is a name to reckon with in the space of metaverse, while Realm is an upcoming, soon-to-be-launched game that works on the principle of the play-to-earn (P2E) model. This particular association will provide both companies with an opportunity to explore each other’s strengths and derive synergy from their operations. 

Both Realm and YDragon are doing wonderfully well in their own respective domains. While the $REALM token has taken the entire cryptocurrency market by storm in terms of its excellent trading volumes and strong performance, the YDragon project is inching towards the launch of the very first metaverse index in the industry. 

The partnership will manifest in a number of new developments, including $REALM taking a total of 5% share in the Metaverse index of YDragon. In addition, both organizations will help each other in developing projects by sharing the technical know-how and expertise in the respective domains. It is also important to note that these collaborative opportunities also include jointly conducting marketing activities and interactions on a cross-communities basis. The advertisement on social media is also on the list of things that the organizations want to explore jointly through this partnership. In addition, many other collaborative opportunities are on the plate and will be revealed in the future as new facets of this partnership get unfolded. 

The team behind the development of Realm has changed the scenario of the gaming industry quite comprehensively. The P2E project of the Realm has led to the development of a metaverse on the mobile phone, which is a novel and unique thing to happen in the industry.  In addition to this aspect, users have the ability to create their own metaverse and mini verse, thereby enjoying tremendous control over the various aspects of gaming that can be further utilized for driving growth in the gaming and metaverse segments. 


The utility of the $REALM token is another wonderful aspect of the ecosystem created by Realm. Not only does it helps in the creation of the token economy, but it also offers multiple utilities that bring convenience to the customers. Some of the other things that one can accomplish with the $REALM token include staking, in-game purchases, governance, rewards, and fees, among others.

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