Realm Joins Reef Chain to Build NFT Realms

Despite the digital sector going through rapid fluctuations, the NFT domain is maintaining its prominence. The pattern was followed by Realm, the open-source community-driven project. Realm announced joining the Reef Chain ecosystem to create new magical realms and living NFTs.

Reef Finance also shared their delight to welcome the esteemed multichain platform to its ecosystem. Realm recently closed its strategic investment round, where the project harbored a whopping 2.5 million dollars. Alphabit steered the round with involvement from funds, such as:

  • SL2
  • NGC
  • LD Capital
  • Genesis Block Ventures
  • Moonrock

Realm allows users to collect pets via cross-chain genetics, discover unlimited metaverses, or even create a custom realm. With Reef Chain’s throughputs and high scalability, Realm can substantially reduce gas fees charged on other EVM blockchain networks.

How does the Partnership Help Realm?

Realm’s use cases can be used to create and interact with exhibitions and arts. Users can also play games to earn the $REALM token or collect NFTs. Combining games, arts, and music to create custom realms and mint them as ERC-1155 is also a use case of Realm. Reef possesses higher scalability and throughput than Ethereum, which allows porting existing dApps from ETH to Reef Chain. With Reef Chain’s next-gen tech, Realm can enhance its proceedings in a short time.

What Benefits Will Users Get from the Partnership?

Minimal gas fees and instant transactions are the major perks procured through the partnership. However, it will also render benefits like:

  • Creating 3D live pets.
  • Exploring new games and NFTs.
  • Simple collaboration and royalty rights division.
  • Engaging with exhibitions and creating art.
  • Mint mixed reality non-fungible tokens on L1 and L2.

What do the CEOs Think?

Matthew Larby (Realm’s CEO and Founder) stated that Realm is delighted to join the Reef ecosystem and use its robustness to future-proof their projects. The partnership will help creators experience comprehensive cross-chain compatibility.

Denko Mancheski (Reef Finance’s CEO and Founder) shared his pleasure to welcome an advanced and intuitive project like Realm. Denko thinks that Realm’s objective of creating new magical realms and living NFTs is intriguing, and the partnership will certainly help them achieve it quickly. The NFT creation is about to commence, and both projects are excited about it. Merging Realm’s growing market stature and Reef Chain’s capabilities will help the market immensely.

Realm did not waste any time to leverage its private investment round’s success and announced its collaboration with Reef Chain to create its new magical realms and living NFTs. The partnership will reduce the gas fees and transaction time for Realm. Plus, Realm’s newborn market prestige will help Reef Chain garner attraction as well.

Roxanne Williams

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