Realm Plans To Integrate Chainlink VRF And Bring Living NFT To Life

Realm announced the integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function within Realm services. Realm will promote innovative digital art by enabling live NFTs, concealing in-game crypto treasure, creating NFTs pets, and providing adventure to players, thanks to this new approach for establishing transparency and randomness for smart contracts.

Realm is a user-friendly tool that allows users to create their Metaverse, referred to as realms. The whole universe can be issued as an NFT (ERC-1155) and exchanged in the secondary market. The firm’s goal is to revolutionize the way people interact with NFTs, decrease the entry for the creation of NFTs, and provide a unique gaming experience.

Chainlink’s VRF in Action

To begin, all new players receive a one-of-a-kind NFT pet, which, when paired with another pet, produces a one-of-a-kind offspring having the power to mutate and change based on their experiences and realm visits. The firm’s NFT pets, like epigenetic ones in the real world, require random inputs to generate genetically distinct organisms.

Traditional RNG solutions are inadequate and create certain problems. Using the on-chain blockhash, for example, can lead to blockchain validators manipulating the random numbers created. At the same time, off-chain methods can be opaque and give no assurance that the random numbers generated are genuinely random.

Chainlink VRF can create numbers and cryptographic proof that mixes the unknown block data when the request is made using Oracle’s committed key.

The random number will only be accepted by the contract of Realm smart contract if there is authentic cryptographic proof, which can only be accepted if the procedure is error-proof. It gives consumers the automatic and verified guarantee that every product of randomness is tamper-proof or anticipated by the oracle or the Realm team directly on-chain.

Chainlink VRF’s randomization data is incorporated into Realm’s algorithm based on genetic mutation. The outcome is a verifiable one-of-a-kind pet created from its parents’ genomes and random mutations. It is a huge step forward in NFT and technology, giving hope for a promising future.

Why did Realm choose Chainlink?

The Realm world offers consumers a unique gamified NFT using experience with exceptional fairness guarantees, thanks to Chainlink’s time-tested VRF technology. It will give users the freedom to audit the randomization data utilized in every crucial chance encounter, resulting in a provably impartial system in which no single entity will gain undue advantage.


The concept of NFTs mutating in real-time depending on their interactions and the realms they visit is a critical part of the technology. Gamers and NFT collectors experience a one-of-a-kind and ground-breaking experience, thanks to Chainlink and the inherent power of the VRF solution.

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