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RealToken DAO integrates Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain token transfers

RealToken DAO integrates Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain token transfers

RealToken DAO, specializing in real estate tokenization, has integrated CCIP, the global standard for cross-chain interoperability. They will be taking advantage of CCIP’s Simplified Token Transfer capacity to provide cross-chain REG transfer. It empowers users to move tokens faultlessly between Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis. CCIP is the most sought-after interoperability solution for RealToken DAO and Chainlink has an illustrious record of keeping the best security and reliability in the Web3 sphere.

Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol is powered by the Risk Management Network, an independent network for monitoring suspicious cross-chain activity. Billions of money lost through insecure cross-chain infrastructure should be recalled while thinking about an innovative platform like RealToken DAO powered by cross-chain REG transfers. 

RealToken DAO controls real-world asset tokenization as a decentralized autonomous organization. It makes use of blockchain technology for the democratization of real-world tokenization. RealToken DAO fuels the RWA tokenization powered by community-backed decision-making. It will improve liquidity and accessibility for REG across the mediums of Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis.

The cross-chain functionality is a great tool for improving the user experience by featuring unified token transfers. It opens up a gateway of splendid opportunities for increased liquidity and active participation in the system. Getting access to a robust, secure, and reliable interoperability solution is a basic requirement for securing cross-chain transfers.

The integration of RealToken DAO and CCIP provides immense benefits like time-tested security, simplified token transfers, and programmable token transfers. The layer of the Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol is backed by Chainlink’s Oracle networks. CCIP showcases an extra layer of protection and reliability through the Risk Management Network as well as Smart Execution.

Data transfers and token transfers will be atomic transactions since CCIP messages are programmable. CCIP is conceptualized to extend support to continuous updates like the incorporation of new blockchain networks, the introduction of innovative functionalities, and additional approaches to comprehensive security. The integration of CCIP leads to the elimination of future switching costs and RealToken makes use of Chainlink services like DAI/USD. The integration of world-standard market data solutions will promote more decentralized finance access for REG. The activation of secure and faultless cross-chain transfers for REG is the primary objective of the integration of RealToken and CCIP.

Chainlink, the standard decentralized platform, is the power behind the verifiable web and it offers real-time data access for startups, scaleups, enterprises, and financial institutions. The industry standard decentralized computing mechanism gives developers inclusive access to off chain computation. Chainlink backs verifiable applications for banking, decentralized finance, international trade, and internet gaming industries. 


RealToken is inspired by the incredible success of RealT, a market leader in the tokenization of real estate assets. RealToken DAO has redefined property ownership and the property market by granting accessibility to an international audience. A developer can use CCIP to transfer acquired tokens cross-chain or send data through CCIP’s token transfer mechanism.

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