Record-Breaking CandyDex IDO Sale in 2022. Round-1 Users Got 500X & will 1000X Soon

After successful completion of CandyDex IDO sale round 1, now they have started the round 2 sale with 0.5 USD as we hear the user will receive 500X times the profit in round 1. Though in the huge market fluctuations on the whole crypto market and Bitcoin is trading at $19,120 and the rest of all altcoins have the same fluctuation as well, most of the users are investing in this CandyDex token even though in a bearish market and they got 500X from round-1 to round-2, So, as per wallet investors suggestion if any interest to in crypto think on CandyDex which will get more profit than any other in a short time.

They may get another 500X who will invest in IDO sale round 2. So many wall street investors and one of the big whales who are holding more crypto are also looking to put their hand in CandyDex, but they don’t want to reveal his name as of now. We will soon hear who that big whale enters into CandyDex.

The London cryptocurrencies platform had already raised 9.5 million in a private round in early April. In total, it has achieved an investment of 12 million USD through its DEX token, which can be reserved from the official website.

After the success of the first phase, the company is preparing the second phase of the IDO, which will take place on July 2, with the greatest of guarantees. The third and final phase will start on August 3. It is possible to join the queue for both and schedule a purchase through a form available on the website.

Global Appeal

The interest in the IDO was so great in the days prior to the first phase that the company opened operations in 9 other countries to meet demand. In this way, citizens of the Middle East, including all Dubai, Saudi, Qatar…, Panama, Spain, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, UK, Dominica, Martinique, and Guyana, had the opportunity to invest in CandyDex. These countries join the more than 70 others in which CandyDex operates.

CandyDex CEO and Co-founder stated:

“It was very important for us to demonstrate that from the UK, we can also digitally transform the world in the style of London. We are the pioneers in a technology that is revolutionizing the whole planet. We have demonstrated why we are one of the engines driving this disruptive proposal”,

Following an oversubscribed and successful pre-IDO sale going on, CandyDex has officially achieved its goal of 12 million. This second round started at 12 p.m. EST on July 01, 2022. CandyDex Special bonus for users to participate in their IDO sale. Here the existing user will get a token bonus of 10% on May 17, 2022, and the new user will get 15% on their new token purchase.


  • Nearly 50 million CandyDex tokens were bought by crypto whales
  • 200k+ Account holders
  • We build the world’s best DEX Platform with multi networks support
  • Diverse Ecosystem: Financial Services, Exchange, and swap
  • Experienced Team: Leaders who brought you, Uniswap, and Convex Finance
  • Have burnt 16.5% of the CandyDex Tokens as an initial move
  • Token Audited by reputed firms Tech Audit, Haze Crypto, Certik, Audit Whale

IDO Details

  • Chain: Matic, BSC, ETH, FTM, AVAX, BUSD

  • Token: $CandyDex

  • Date: 1st June 2022 at 12 AM UTC

  • Price per token: $0.50;

  • Total allocation for round 2: 60000000

  • Contract address: 0xabE1a652CbC6eB1782B5De4E800f8bf714AaF5D0

We can say, what you see today is just the beginning of what will unfold in the coming months. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck who is participating in the CandyDex IDO sale, and a BIG thank you for all the support you have given so far.

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