Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) Announces It Is Moving Significant Portion Of Its Token To Binance Chain

The much-awaited announcement has come from Red Pulse Phoenix [PHX] that it is moving its most significant share of its token ecosystem to Binance Chain. Red Pulse phoenix can be taken as a platform which connects researchers and consumers. Among other things, it can also be considered for regulating IP protecting, proof of creation and proof of ownership.

As part of its process, Red Pulse Phoenix is planning to launch its latest BEP2 token with ticker PHB for Binance chain ecosystem. Eventually; it plans to move its NEP-5 PHX tokens to BEP2 PHB tokens down the line. Moreover, the old PHX tokens will be tradable on Binance, and the migration of latest BEP-2 PHB tokens can be traded in Binance and Binance DEX as well.

The latest tweet gives us the information about Red Pulse Phoenix. It is one of the initial projects to migrate to #Binance Chain!

The much-awaited decision was taken by the company to finally merge with the crypto exchange giant Binance to leverage the tokenization of its research and knowledge on Binance chain. Binance has developed a new blockchain software system, which is called as a Binance chain. The partnership between Red pulse and Binance would witness the Red pulse moving their significant share of their token ecosystem on the newly formed Binance chain.

Red pulse comes under the category of latest cryptocurrencies which promises innovative research and knowledge by providing valuable perceptions to its customers. Red Pulse has gained immense popularity lately because of its research data which has been accumulated over six years from different sectors.

The parent company has originated from China, and RPX denotes the token. Moreover, Red pulse blockchain has been created on NEO blockchain which will use NEO smart contracts to expand its business operations. When the network becomes more mature, Red pulse has plans to develop its infrastructure on the Binance chain.

In a recent blog, Jonathan Ha, Founder and CEO, Red Pulse quoted,

All of us at Red Pulse are very excited to announce that as part of our continued close partnership with Binance, Red Pulse has committed to integrating our tokenized knowledge ecosystem with the Binance Chain, a new blockchain software system developed by world-leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the community.


Even though the Red pulse tokens are based on NEO blockchain, a close linked working relationship has been shared by Red Pulse and Neo, which makes use of their services like smart contracts. Also, it can be noted that the Red pulse network is taking advantage of NEO blockchain architecture to devise its strategy with Phoenix architecture.

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