Red Swan CRE delivers token studio on Hedera

Red Swan CRE takes an immense amount of pleasure in coming out with its official announcement regarding the deliverance of its token studio on Hedera. Incidentally, Red Swan CRE is basically a commercial real estate organization having $5 billion in Assets Under management (AUM). The token studio on Hedera is for the purpose of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization.

As per the speculation from the Boston Consulting Group, it is possible to be able to tokenize roughly $16 trillion worth of assets by the end of the year 2023.

The HBAR Foundation is concerned it is engaged in the backing of the building of web3 communities that are created on the Hedera network. This is done through the boosting and funding of the builders who are involved in the forming of these very communities. 

In the case of Red Swan CRE, it is a blockchain-oriented marketplace that is into the utilization of tokenized technology for fragmentation of the ownership of commercial real estate. This helps in creating a more cost-effective investment environment. In the case of sponsors, as well as investors, they are offered liquidity options with the help of attainment and trade of asset-supported digital securities. 

The deliverance of its token studio by Red Swan will provide the opportunity for users to take part in the building, as well as make investments in digital security tokenized assets. With the fragmentation of assets, the studio offers the option for users to gain ownership of a segment of commercial real estate. For generating liquidity, it is made possible to carry out trading of digital shares around the clock. The Red Swan comes with more than six decades of hard-core exposure to private equity real estate, as well as technology commerce. At the present moment in time, it possesses $5 billion worth of tokenized assets with ever-increasing potential.   

Red Swan honed in on Hedera because of its maximized, as well as built-for-purpose Hedera Token service (HTS) that provides the option for RWAs to play the role of tokenization having swiftness, as well as dependability and cost-effectiveness. The conventional HTS functions of KYC, AML, and royalties enforced on-chain enable them to supply tokens in the form of securities as well as remain in tandem with the regulations. The entity is also able to build ERC-20 adaptable securities with the help of HSCS. 

According to the Head of Fintech and Payments of The HBAR Foundation, Sabrina Tachdjian, Red Swan has made its mark in the CRE arena, and for them, it will be a golden opportunity to back the utilization of the Hedera network for organizing huge amounts in tokenized real estate. 

Whereas in the opinion of the CEO and Founder of Red Swan CRE, Ed Nwokedi, the company is utilizing its overall expertise in building, supplying, as well as disbursing high levels of security tokens on Hedera. Now, with the participation of The HBAR Foundation, they will be in the position of listing a great number of real estate investors and offering connectivity to liquidity pertaining to prospective commercial real estate options.

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