Binance Info’s Transparency Initiative Gaining Traction, Reddcoin Joins The Initiative To Share Info

Reddcoin has announced that it has officially joined Binance Info’s Transparency Initiative. The move will see Reddcoin sharing project related info like news, progress reports, etc. on the Binance Info platform. In its official tweet, Reddcoin claimed that it wants to keep the community informed.

Binance Info is an initiative by the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, focused towards promoting transparency in the crypto industry. Transparency was one of the major factors which contributed towards the success of Bitcoins and other altcoins in the early day. However, with time passing by, it seemingly took a backseat, with many discrepancies reported.

To instate transparency and trust-less operations, Binance launched the Binance Info initiative a couple of years ago. Since then, the platform has been growing steadily, and many crypto platforms are already on board. For instance, privacy-focused blockchain network Matic also joined Binance Info on Monday earlier this week.

Reddcoin will share all the project related information on the Binance Info platform, including news and progress reports. Such initiatives are extremely important for the market where the number of unaware investors is growing exponentially, as compared to the technically sound investors. This will enable the new entrants to have a better understanding of the market conditions of a particular token.

Reddcoin is a social cryptocurrency, which aims to “enrich people’s social lives.” It is focused on creating an ecosystem which could enable the general public to adopt cryptocurrencies on a large scale. The native token RDD, which aims to target crypto donations, was originally a fork out of the Litecoin in 2014.

Scott Cook

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