Reddit’s Gen3 collectible avatars go live

Reddit has moved on from one generation to another, literally. It was recently announced that the Gen3 of Collectible Avatars is now available at the Collectible Avatar Shop. It sports a collection of NFTs from a hundred artists. Calling this the next phase, Reddit has also hinted at the possibility of Gen4 making an appearance soon in front of the community.

There is little to no word on artists from Gen1 and Gen2 continuing to bring their work to Gen3; however, it has been assured that the community will have a wide range of options to choose from.

Gen3 has been titled Future Realities Collection. It continues to support artists by empowering them to go beyond the digital walls, enabling them to sell the limited-edition digital collectible for a fixed price. Reddit Collectible Avatars can be bought by users. It can alternatively be claimed for free via Reddit Premium.

Every digital collectible has a fixed price that goes to the artist behind that digital creation.

Collectibles are in limited editions. Set users to see if it is available today and may soon become unavailable. A lot of members have faced this issue, citing the possibility of bots taking control to not allow others to grab their favorite digital goods. Reddit did not directly address the issue of bots, but it did acknowledge the Shop being down for 15 minutes.

Per that update, the collectibles shop is now up and running for Reddit users. It has left a lot of users wondering if they would really want to purchase the digital item from Reddit after the experience, considering there is a possibility that bots took over to purchase the majority of the items.

Talking more about digital collectibles have been built on blockchain to ensure that the ownership of the NFT stays with the user who has purchased it. They are only required to set up a Vault in the store, and the other portion will then proceed seamlessly.

Cryptocurrency is one of the popular payment methods when it comes to acquiring digital collectibles. This has changed on the surface of Reddit. Users are not necessarily required to have digital currency if they want to purchase an NFT on the platform. Traditional payment methods would do just fine. Another manner in which Digital Collectibles set a differentiating mark on Reddit is by not going out on an auction. Instead, users can purchase them the way they purchase any other artistic work.


Being in limited edition makes sure that artists are paid well enough for all their creations. Not a single digital collectible is left out unless it remains unsold.Gen3 Avatar can be bought on iOS and Android. They are automatically stored in the Vault after the purchase, provided the Vault has been set up in the Shop.

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