Reef Finance Introduces Hypersign to its Ecosystem

Another feather was added to the crown of the ever-expanding ecosystem of Reef Finance, titled Reef Ecosystem when it welcomed Hypersign. This business enterprise specializes in providing solutions for decentralized identities (DID). Hypersign has become the latest name in the long list of solution providers for decentralized logins found in Reef Chain. Hypersign will bring to the table its highly specialized new features with more value that can already be implemented due to its actively functional platform.

According to the CEO of Reef Finance, Denko Mancheski, in the drive for decentralization, the emphasis on identity is growing. Since Hypersign’s identity solution is W3C compatible, it will facilitate compatibility with other solutions, thereby enhancing the user experience for the Reef subscribers of Web3.

This partnership of Reef Finance with Hypersign will implement both DID and authentication options without passwords into the ecosystem of Reef Chain. Due to this integration, users do not have to create credentials anymore like user names and passcodes, neither do they have to create new crypto wallets. The Reef-powered dApps will facilitate them to use existing credentials built off on W3C standards, provided they are verifiable, for multiple operations.

It has been announced that Reef will also launch Hypersign’s solution for whitelisting without the involvement of complicated passwords, FIDATO. Henceforth, Reef users will be easily able to sign up for new projects. At the same time, developers who use Reef Chain for their app development can access the facilities of the DID infrastructure.

The CEO of Reef Finance, Irfan Khan, announced that they appreciate the cross-chain philosophy of Reef that implements EVM compatibility. Such a visionary developing team will help enhance security to amazing levels for everyone, Irfan believes.


Reef, despite being in the canary stage of mainnet, already facilitates projects based on Ethereum technology. Hypersign, on the other hand, was developed by Hypermine Labs to manage decentralized identity and identity stack.

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