Reef to Launch its First Blockchain Built on DApps

Reef Finance, the leading DeFi Blockchain network built on the substrate that develops customized DeFi DApps for the future generation, is all set to make new records in the DeFi ecosystem. The substrate is a highly scalable framework that can support multiple DApps simultaneously. Compatible with Polkadot, Substrate makes it easier to securely communicate with Polkadot’s network while securing the developer’s blockchain network. To improve the DeFi process and support more DApps, Reef Finance, this time, is launching the industry’s first-ever blockchain built exclusively for next-gen Dapps. Reef has announced to launch its mainnet sometime around May this year.

Reef Finance aims to make DeFi easily accessible to everyone, and with this new DeFi application, the platform expects to provide robust support to the ever-growing DeFi sector. The new Reef Mainnet has been built with state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge technology to help Reef Chain host multiple DeFi applications of the future, thus offering seamless migration for the current decentralized applications (DApps). Moreover, Reef’s vast ecosystem provides technical and financial support to a wide range of projects built on the Reef Chain. Tech startups looking for funding, grants, Investor Relations also get support from Reef Chain Network.

With the launch of the Mainnet next month, various DApps on the DeFi ecosystem will be able to aggregate liquidity from multiple sources into the Reef OS (Operating System) more easily and conveniently.  With Reef’s testnet was launched last time, developers experienced the same convenience for running migration scripts. Similarly, with the mainnet launch of Reef Finance in the next month, developers can start building decentralized applications easily on Reef Chain.

Reef Chain allows developers to port their existing decentralized applications from the Ethereum network without altering the base code. Thus, with the Reef Chain Mainnet ready to be launched next month, developers have already started to onboard their existing DApps into Reef Chain, the largest Polkadot-based online network community.

Trevor Holman

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