Refinable Partners with LABS Group for NFTs in Real Estate

Expanding the real-world applicability of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Refinable has decided to join forces with the LABS group. This partnership aims to empower users in real estate with a new set of NFTs that Refinable will soon launch in the market. The LABS will contribute to this revolution through its tokenization prowess that the group has achieved in the real estate segment. According to experts, the partnership will help the fledgling NFT sector to attract more users to its fold while bringing overarching benefits to the DeFi space.

The real estate sector is usually reserved only for wealthy investors as the initial investment required to start transactions is quite high. However, the same is not valid for the tokenization process, and with this new partnership, investors can start investing in real estate with an investment as low as $100.

The association between these two organizations is also expected to bring forth new functionalities to users. The new asset class that Refinable will introduce will surely attract new investors to its fold. At the same time, the LABS will get access to a new set of investors who have the capacity and wherewithal to invest in the exciting and promising sector of NFTs in real estate. More importantly, users on both platforms will get first-hand exposure to the timeshares of tokenized real estate, which constitutes an altogether new kind of opportunity in the real estate sector.

It is important to understand the strategic relevance behind this coming together. This partnership will prove beneficial not only for both platforms but also for the entire decentralized finance and cryptocurrency domain. This association will yield some positive results. However, the most exciting part of this association will be to witness the reaction of the potential investors towards NFTs with the timeshare feature. This is because the future growth and expansion of the project will depend entirely on the enthusiasm of the response that this new compact garner among investors.

Trevor Holman

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