Renewed Tether (USDT) FUD not spelling any trouble for Ethereum or Bitcoin Spark

The recent concerns surrounding the renewed FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) regarding Tether (USDT) fuels discomfort in the cryptocurrency market. The USDT FUD is likely to impact the price or stability of cryptocurrencies significantly. However, these concerns are unlikely to spell any trouble for Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) and Ethereum (ETH).

How to short Tether?

Shorting Tether (USDT) involves betting on declining USDT value in another cryptocurrency or fiat currency. It involves using a cryptocurrency exchange that allows short selling, creating an account, depositing funds, and borrowing USDT through margin trading. The investor sells the borrowed USDT and monitors the market for a lower price. When the position is realized, the investor closes the short position by buying back USDT at a lower market value and refunding the borrowed USDT and fees. 

Although it can be a profitable investment strategy, it’s vital to be aware of the risks while appreciating that if USDT’s price rises instead of falls as expected, one may end up losing money. However, it’s paramount to note that shorting requires a good understanding of market trends and timing. As such, thorough research and caution reign before engaging in short selling.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

The Bitcoin family has witnessed conflicts, disagreements, and operational inefficiencies, and Bitcoin alternatives have emerged with solutions. A notable fork, Bitcoin Spark, brings a Bitcoin revolution, giving investors a second chance to onboard the train while easing entry barriers to mining. BTCS achieves its vision through a Proof-of-Process (PoP) blockchain technology combining the best PoS and PoW extremes. Inspired by the original Satoshi vision, Bitcoin Spark pursues a true decentralization process where anyone can participate.

Bitcoin has several shortcomings despite its value as a transfer and wealth storage solution. Its transaction rate is notably low, causing scalability problems that hinder its use as a practical payment system. Busy periods on the Bitcoin network lead to higher transaction fees and longer completion times. This makes it impractical for small payments, as the fees could outweigh the transaction amount.

As a solution, BTCS introduces a Bitcoin Spark Application as a vehicle to onboard and benefit from the project. The application offers a platform for investors to participate in the BTCS ecosystem through processing power rental, mining, rewards, and application development. As the BTCS landscape evolves, the Bitcoin Spark Application will facilitate dApps and act as a wallet to store and manage BTCS tokens and other cryptocurrencies safely.

Bitcoin Spark App

Besides its utility solutions, Bitcoin Spark presents an exciting investment vehicle through its ICO. Currently in phase two, with one BTCS at $1.75, giving its holders a 15% bonus, BTCS presents a strong and transparent infrastructure that has undergone a rigorous KYC and ContractWolf audit. The BTCS pricing is expected to earn the early investors a whopping 657% ROI. The token performance mirrored Bitcoin’s history when BTC was valued at $1.

Will Ethereum go up?

Ethereum is well-known for being a very advanced blockchain technology. Currently, its price hovers around $1,800, and it is the second-largest cryptocurrency, with about $222 billion worth of Ethereum in circulation. Its price increased by 2.27% in the last month, a significant gain. While some analysts believe Ethereum will become valuable in the future, its performance is uncertain, considering what the cryptocurrency market went through in 2022 after a period of fast growth. While Ethereum’s long-term future looks bright, its short-term performance is less certain. 

Wrap up

Despite renewed concerns and doubt (FUD) surrounding Tether (USDT), both Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) remain resilient in the face of these challenges. As ICO phase two surges, Bitcoin Spark makes waves with unique features and utilities untroubled with USDT FUD.

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