Revolutionary Mobilechain to Help Wider Adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Revelation Coin Project team launched ERC20 token in the market in October last year, and now according to the latest announcement, the company is developing their blockchain technology. That might not sound interesting though the way the company is planning and inclined to promote its blockchain is a matter of great interest. Touted “Mobilechain” the technology will be first to use cell phones rather than computer systems as nodes.

Adoption Potential

The reason for selecting mobile phones as a primary operating device is a large number of people who use mobile phones across the globe. Compared to 1.5 billion computers, there are 5.13 billion mobile phones (almost four times more) and the company is looking forward to exploiting this huge untapped potential with its Mobilechain technology. REV also believe that if cryptocurrency and blockchain have to become a mainstay technology in the future, adaptation will be the key to success.

Revolutionary Mobilechain to Help Wider Adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Resource Requirements

Co-Founder of the project said that in its present form, the blockchain couldn’t run on the mobile phone owing to its intense resource requirements. However, the company is going to change this with its technology which breaks down the data into smaller chunks while distributing the processes collectively and cohesively. This procedure includes the mining process, and as the normal blockchain, the new procedure will keep the immutability characteristic of the technology intact. Not divulging the secret details, co-founder further elaborated that this new technology will be developed ground-up.

Mobilechain will harness the power of mobiles phones and use them as a computer by combining several cell phones. It is easier said than done but then outrightly rejecting the idea, as has been done by many proclaimed experts, is not a right way either.  Citing the analogy of some of the historic feats in the technology domain, co-founder compared the present disbelief among the experts about Mobilechain to a situation of a man reaching the moon or on mars. It sounds like impossible things to happen at first, but history has shown that humanity has been successful in their lunar mission.

REV Flagship coin

The company is designing the blockchain for its 5 Coins called Rev Xtras, which are part of its bartering system, but it is also open to allow other projects to use its platform. The REV will be the flagship coin of the new blockchain, and all the transactions on the platform will be done exclusively through the REV. The company has also assured that the ERC-20 will undergo a smooth transition, i.e., from its current form to REV once the blocking comes into being.

It is still very early to talk about Mobilechain, although this launch will be aligned with the strategic objective of the organization. The company is preparing for a future scenario when computers will become obsolete, but even then, one can use REV coin. The organization is fully cognizant of the large scale challenge this development will face and to make things a little bit easy on the implementation part; the firm has divided the objective into smaller milestones. That will essentially help to keep the progress intact while not losing sight of the bigger picture.

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