Revuto Unveils R Fund: A Pioneering Initiative for Cardano Projects

While Blockchain algorithm pervades the crypto world, there is an ever-increasing need for support to new ventures laying the firm foundation of their digital assets in the entire DeFi ecosystem. 

Revuto, one such blockchain venture, has launched its own niche R-Fund to support such upcoming ventures with futuristic missions. With a goal to extend financial support to ventures in the Cardano ecosystem, the R-fund is an investment arm providing a phenomenal $2 Million. 

Being a unique initiative, the Fund shall act as fuel to make the Cardano ambiance thrive in the entire DeFi sector and promulgate objectives of such ventures with an accelerated momentum in the near future. No wonder, Revuto shall continue to hold the prerogative of being the first Fundraiser and the Pioneer Curtain raiser for leading the path for such investment funds supporting the start-ups. More importantly, the fund could not have come at a better time when the venture is about to announce its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Hence, it shall benefit from the gratuities of this fund enormously.

Vedran Vukman, Revuto CEO, commented that their aim is not just to grow ourselves. As a responsible corporate, their objective is to encourage the other players to grow in this ecospace, especially where Cardano projects are in the center stage. As experienced players in the Coin Offerings, they understand and appreciate the significance of digital assets like Cardano that will transform the DeFi landscape. With oversubscribed ICO experiences backing us, they are in a niche position to spearhead this initiative. Hence the time is ripe for funding such tremendous projects on Cardano. The R fund shall lay a strong foundation for developing magnanimous communities reinforcing the backing to naïve users.

The R-Fund is an opportunity for every developer and token creator who aspires to empower their won product, and hence R-Fund shall prove to be an ideal platform going public by the end of next month. Additionally, users may also expect an all-new versatile product portfolio with added support to other communities. The Website shall host the R fund applications to all users in the coming days.

About Revuto

Revuto is an active subscription management solution and the first-ever token sale on Cardano. Revuto raised $10M and has 2.8m signups for early access with 100k active users worldwide.

By leveraging ADA tokens and DeFi to pay for subscriptions, Revuto’s ecosystem is designed to save people money regardless of market conditions. Revuto users can subscribe to services using the Revuto debit card. The accompanying app can be used to Block, Snooze or Approve subscription charges as they occur.


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