REZ tokenomics statement on Binance depegs Renzo’s ezETH 18.3%

The fall of the Renzo restaking token was within minutes before its ultimate recovery, and it trades below ether as of now. This trend is probably due to the user’s intention to exit ezETH after getting an idea about Renzo restaking token’s totally confusing distribution plan. 

Some crypto experts point out that the fall of ezETH is around $700, and the token entered its recovery phase after the depeg. The ezETH token dropped 5.6% within the past twenty-four hours to trade hands at 12:40 PM Eastern Standard Time. ezETH is a LRT (Liquid Restaking Token) from Renzo, the liquid restaking arrangement.

On the same platform, users can obtain ezETH by restaking ether or any type of liquid staking token. Both the Renzo restaking token and ether possess the same worth, and the value for Ethereum was recorded at $3179. Binance Labs, the crypto venture wing of the crypto exchange tycoon Binance, recently announced the REZ’s token distribution plan. It has been learned that 10% of the REZ will go to airdrops out of the total token supply of 10 billion and the circulating supply of 1.05 billion. Half of the 10% REZ will go to the season 1 airdrop, and Binance stakers will get a great opportunity to sell their tokens.

A sell-off happened since the buyers were looking to exit ezETH, and Binance Launchpool gives them a superb opportunity to stake tokens along with earning rewards. Renzo promotes token distribution allotments with pie chart sizes that are sized unequally, which causes confusion among users. 

The pie chart illustrates over 60% of the tokens going to crypto investors, crypto advisors, and the team. Renzo might have airdropped tokens to NFT holders of collections that are not related to the protocol, causing panic about insider trading. ezETH crypto was subjected to a depreciation from its expected value, a sharp deviation from the ETH price.

This decline can be attributed to a negative and deceptive declaration related to tokenomics, which caused discontent among members of the decentralized finance industry. Liquid restaking tokens gained immense popularity among ‘airdrop hunters’ in the decentralized finance sector. A large portion of these investors are inclined toward the liquid restaking token protocol’s ETH pegged digital assets. They are hopeful of their chances of getting a larger share of the project’s own token when it is launched.

The recent statement received backlash from the crypto community as Renzo revealed that only a minute portion of the REZ token supply had been reserved for the first phase of the airdrop. It was mentioned that ‘farmers’ in the REZ Binance launch pool will be entitled to 2.5% of the tokens, and it also contributed to the hot discussions surrounding the Renzo Restaking token. Investors got lots of time to deprive their shares before the airdrop beneficiaries, and ezETH holders were disappointed due to the dramatic twist of events. The depeg happened at a time when traders were engaged in exiting ezETH holdings that don’t permit direct withdrawals of assets. 

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