Richard Heart and 3 entities get charged by the SEC

The US Securities & Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC, has grabbed Richard Herat for raising funds through an unregistered crypto-asset offering. Richard reportedly raised over a billion dollars and misappropriated them to buy luxury items. Others charged for the same case are three entities, namely PulseX, PulseChain, and Hex. These are the unincorporated entities held by Richard Heart. They are known to carry out offerings of crypto securities that are unregistered.

The misappropriated funds amount to $12 million, specifically by PulseChain and Heart, used to buy watches, sports cars, and The Enigma, the world’s largest black diamond.

This is a traditional case of raising funds and then using them for a purpose other than what was stated to investors. Here, funds were raised with a pitch that they would be utilized to support the development work of a crypto asset network, trading platform, and PulseChain. Investors were offered PLS and PLSX, the native tokens, in return for the investments. Eventually, Heart and related entities ended up with crypto assets that were then used for a purpose other than those stated above.

All of it began in 2018 when Richard Heart began marketing Hex under the tagline that it fetches the highest yield in the market. The number quoted to grab several eyeballs was roughly 38%. The idea was put on the table with the intention of making people rich by posing as a blockchain certificate of deposit. Hex tokens were promoted left-right-center, only to sell them in an unregistered offering.

Tokens were sold by Richard and Hex from December 2019 to November 2020. The result was that they collected over 2.3 million ETH from people. Another manner in which Heart and Hex managed to scoop crypto assets was through recycling transactions. This gave them more control over Hex tokens.

The period from July 2021 to March 2022 brought two more unregistered crypto asset security offerings. Each of them managed to raise millions of dollars in crypto assets. What acted as the final nail on the wall was the staking feature that came with a promise of rolling out a 38% yield to users. Needless to say, Heart defrauded inventors by attempting to evade securities laws. He sought investors to sacrifice their tokens instead of asking them to invest their tokens.

Eric Werner from the Fort Worth Regional Office has stated that Richard Heart was asking investors to buy crypto asset securities which he never registered with the regulators. The Director of the Office added that Richard then defrauded them by spending the funds on luxury goods.

The SEC charging Richard and 3 entities is a way to protect investors and get a hold of them for their unlawful actions. The complaint filed by the SEC seeks penalties, prejudgment interest, injunctive relief, and other equitable relief.

The investigation of the SEC against Richard plus entities is being led by Jaime Marinaro and Derek Kleinmann.

Scott Cook

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