RichQUACK’s Staking Pool Accrues $1 Million TVL in Week Since Launch

As users lock their QUACK into the pool to earn yields, the token's price goes up on the back of its dwindling circulation.

RichQUACK, a hyper-deflationary token backed by a community of more than 209,000 on Twitter and 50,000 on Telegram, launches its staking pool, accessible to holders of its native $QUACK token through its decentralized application (dApp). The pool, which Techrate found to be safe for users in its audit, accrued more than $1 million in Total Value Locked in fewer than a week after its launch on March 19.

RichQUACK’s staking pool can earn users up to 28 percent interest yearly, depending on the selected stake duration, ranging between seven and 90 days. By locking their tokens into the pool, users remove them from active circulation and push the token’s price up, creating value for the entire community.

RichQUACK also has other initiatives, such as its Earthling project. Earthling project will work as a decentralized platform where users will be able to buy carbon credits, offsetting their carbon footprint. The platform will come equipped with a handy tool that will enable users to measure their daily carbon emissions. The project aims to promote sustainability in the blockchain community and beyond, granting users easy access to carbon credits backing various sustainability projects.

“We are thrilled to see the staking pool’s excitement in the community,” a QUACK spokesperson stated. “It’s great to see such user involvement and participation. More great projects are coming up, and we are happy to be blazing forth with such great support from our users.”

About RichQUACK


RichQUACK is a play on words, mocking those who want to get rich fast without working hard. They are a community of members that work hard together for token holders to earn money simply by holding the token. RichQUACK is a 100 percent community-driven hyper deflationary token with high liquidity, offering high returns to investors, backed by a strong community of over 209,000 on Twitter and 50,000 on Telegram. RichQUACK’s QUACK token has strong utilities such as a launchpad, staking, and an incubated project, which empowers individuals, families, and businesses to take an active part in eliminating carbon emissions.

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