Ripple Approaches the Bullish Trend with a 9.88% Increment in a Day

  • Ripple grows by 9.88% in one day and reached 0.30 USD
  • The next resistance of Ripple is expected to come by 0.31 USD, depending on the type of momentum and growth it exhibits further.

Ripple, following the market trend, has made a gain of 9.88% in the last one day. It has witnessed three major price variations in the price range of 0.27 USD and 0.3149 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis

Ripple initiated the day trading at 0.2771 USD, and its first swing happened between 09:00 UTC and 17:21 UTC. In these 8 hours and 21 minutes, XRP added 0.0274 USD to be placed at 0.3059 USD. The second swing started at 17:31 UTC and by 02:01 UTC when it gained 0.0221 USD to reach 0.3149 USD. This 7.54% hike was followed by a freefall of 3.87%, which pushed the Ripple value to 0.3027 USD by 02:57 UTC.

XRP’s market cap also has witnessed a hike in these hours, and between October 25 and 26 (until the time of penning down), it reached 13.123 billion USD from 12.895 billion USD.

Ripple Price
XRP Chart By TradingView

Ripple’s 20-day average stands at 0.28564 USD, and its 50-day average is at 0.27084 USD. The current trading price is 0.3045USD, which is notably higher by 12.42% and 6.60% from its 50-day average and 20-day average, respectively. Ripple’s next resistance may come at 0.32 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.306328
2nd Resistance $0.314491
3rd Resistance $0.329035
1st Support Level $0.283621
2nd Support Level $0.269077
3rd Support Level $0.260914

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