Ripple comes out with new value report for 2023

Ripple has come out with its new value report for the year 2023. The company has titled it crypto trends in Business and Beyond. The report points towards the global influence and viewpoint of crypto and blockchain, along with digital assets. It also takes the liberty of sharing an overall path that all of this will be expected to take in the days to come. 

As per sources from Ripple, this is the second report that it has come out with on the subject. The contents of the report speak about various factors related to crypto, as well as blockchain solutions. Some of these include the degree of awareness related to the issues, as well as the overall acceptance where the masses are concerned. The report also delves into the negative aspects and ways and means being utilized to overcome some of the obstacles and hiccups.

The report is broken up into three major segments, namely, Tokenize, Manage and Move. In the case of this second report, the conducted survey involved the participation of more than 1,700 finance top shots of the world and ranging from financial institutions to businesses involved in decentralized finance, tokenization, along with Central bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) payments and many such others. 

According to the report, there are basically five major factors to look out for in the days to come. As per Ripple’s study and understanding, in spite of all the drawbacks in the recent past, the overall acceptance of crypto, as well as digital assets, is seemingly on the rise amongst the masses. 

However, barring ten percent, the remaining masses agree with the fact that there will be a most encouraging influence in the future, where crypto and digital assets are concerned. They definitely seem to be inclined toward it. 

Out of all the respondents whose views were taken into account, roughly 75% of them were completely in favor of crypto and digital assets and viewed them as an integral part of the future. A similar figure stood up for digital asset technologies such as NFTs and stablecoins. So far as the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is concerned, they are of the firm opinion that the tokenization of world illiquid assets will reach $16 trillion by the end of the year 2030.

As per the report, one interesting factor to look out for is the crypto-enabled payments, in which case, almost 44% of the world’s finance top shots view it positively. In this scenario, half of the respondents were totally inclined towards accepting crypto in the form of payments. 

In the case of DeFi solutions, finance hotshots seem to be most optimistic in terms of it changing the pattern of operational effectiveness, as well as managing data and financial malleability. 

However, besides the favorable factors, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the aspects related to privacy, as well as transparency in regulatory issues and proper controlling of risk factors.      

Roxanne Williams

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