Ripple Fails to Stand Against the Pressure, Loses 3.7% Over 24 Hours

  • Ripple is down by 3.7% in the last 24 hours.
  • The next resistance may come at 0.2803 USD.

Following the path of all other coins, Ripple also has made a cut of 3.7% in the last 24 hours and the value has fallen to 0.26 USD now. The five major price variations have given a range of 0.2864 USD and 0.2640 USD. There is no imminent sign of quick recovery as of now.

Ripple Price Analysis:

The first swing of Ripple starts at 00:11 UTC and in the next 6 hours and 4 minutes, it was down to 0.2693 USD after a 2.84% fall. It was followed by a hike of 1.96% that added 0.0053 USD to the overall value and it pushed XRP to 0.2753 USD. The next few hours were volatile and at 14:24 UTC, it started showing signs of strengthening. Within the next 2 hours and 4 minutes, it touched the highest point of the day at 0.2864 USD. The next two swings are a decrement in the value. The first decline starts at 16:28 UTC and having a break at 0.2816 USD; it fell to as low as 0.2671 USD by 21:21 UTC. The last swing for the day happened between 21:21 UTC and 00:04 UTC and this swing cost 0.0031 USD to Ripple.

Ripple Fails to Stand Against the Pressure, Loses 3.7% Over 24 Hours
Ripple Price
Ripple Chart By TradingView

Ripple’s current fall has been brought by the market-wide struggle and it is likely to stay here for some more days. The current trend is on the upper side of 20 days and 50 days average, which hints towards XRP’s upcoming surge.

Resistance and Support Levels:

R1- $0.280334333, R2- $0.291993667, R3- $ 0.297873333

S1- $0.262795333, S2- $0.256915667, S3- $0.245256333

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