Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Follows the Grim Market Condition; Loses almost 3% Overnight

  • Ripple makes a 3% cut in the value against USD in the last 24 hours.
  • The coin’s next resistance at 0.274 USD may come by the end of this week.

Ripple, one of the top three coins, has conformed to the market trend and like Bitcoin, it has also lost value over the last 24 hours. With four major price changes, the coin has been down by 2.95% in this period. Ripple has been pushed from 0.274 USD to 0.262 USD in a matter of a few hours. Before analyzing the price changes in detail, we should look at the current data of the coin now.

Current XRP Price Statistics-

  • Ripple has the 3rd rank in the global crypto market and it has an ROI (Return on Investment) of 4,376.55%.
  • A total of 42,890,708,341 XRP coins are in current circulation.
  • The market cap of the coin as on 22nd August at 03:19 UTC stands at 11,314,857,221 USD.
  • The value of the coin with respect to USD and BTC stands at 0.2632 USD and 0.00002656 BTC respectively.
  • The 24h volume of the coin rests at 1,125,277,708 USD.

XRP to USD Price Comparison-

XRP Price Chart


Due to 20th August’s little push, Ripple opened yesterday with a moderately high value of 0.2747 USD. It faced a price correction in the next 4 hours and 7 minutes and it made the coin to lose 0.0121 USD. After a few hours of volatility, Ripple started weakening again around 07:29 UTC and in the next 5 hours and 7 minutes, it lost 0.0076 USD. It was, however, followed by a hike of 3.34% and by 16:43 UTC, it added 0.0086 USD to the coin. The last swing came as another fall in the value and this fall cost the coin 0.0064 USD and it happened between 01:01 UTC and 02:09 UTC.

Ripple Price Prediction-

Ripple was already under pressure when most of the coins started strengthening. However, for the last day, the market condition is grim and the fall of Ripple is not unexpected. The coin is likely to take more than usual time to show recovery. The next resistance may come at 0.274 USD.

Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance 0.274454667 USD
2nd Resistance 0.282648333 USD
3rd Resistance 0.289531667 USD
1st Support Level 0.259377667 USD
2nd Support Level 0.252494333 USD
3rd Support Level 0.244300667 USD

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