Ripple Price Diminished by 32% in the Last Three Quarters

Ripple has shown a remarkable movement in the price in the first two quarters, but the drop in the third quarter has brought a disappointment. The coin is currently at a loss of 32% from the beginning of the year till now. However, there is still some hope of improvement in the coin.

XRP to USD Price Comparison

Starting from January, the coin embarked a downtrend. The price shifted from $0.38049 to $0.31399 by 17.48%. In February, Ripple price shifted from $0.31399 to $0.3223 by 2.67%. In March, XRP coin moved up from $0.3223 to $0.33022 by 2.44%. Later, in April, the coin fell from $0.33022 to $0.31713 by 3.81%. Further, in May, XRP price escalated from $0.31713 to $0.43286 by 36.66%. In June, Ripple fell from $0.43286 to $0.40877 by 5.56%. In July, the downfall continued, and the price counters changed from $0.40877 to $0.31713 by 22.42%. In August, the XRP coin price dropped from $0.31713 to $0.25901 by 18.33%.

Ripple (XRP) price
Ripple (XRP) chart By TradingView

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP has opened with a red mark today. The fall in the price is showing no indications of improvement. The traders will have to wait for some time to see an upsurge. We are suspecting a heavy change in the price is about to embark in coming time.

If we compare the opening price of Ripple from January, which was at $0.38 and with that of now, then the loss marked is of almost 32%.


Ripple has a high prospect of improvement and gives a good result in the future. We are anticipating that the long-term trading would be best.

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