Ripple (XRP) Records Slight Loss; Price Floats Around $0.29

Ripple price movement has always astounded the traders. However, in the last few days, there has been an unexpected movement in the XRP coin. The reason for the same is speculated to be the fluctuation in the market that extended for a month.

In the last seven days, Ripple price moved from $0.27 to $0.30. Today, the fall in the price has again brought the XRP coin to $0.29.

Ripple Price Prediction

Yesterday, Ripple price started dealing at $0.296. The price further escalated to $0.299. The currency couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $0.292 by 2.13%. There was an immediate recovery in the price, which took it to $0.297 by 1.64%. Then, Ripple price again fell and this time touched $0.289 by 2.62% drop. There was again an immediate recovery that brought it up to $0.297 by 2.80% hike. The last few hours were locked around $0.295. Today, the price of XRP coin is marking a steep fall. The loss recorded from the beginning of the day till now is 0.99% as counters moved from $0.295 to $0.292.

xrp to usd price chart
Ripple Price Chart by TradingView

The XRP current price is at $0.29259. There is a pressure felt in the market that might take the coin price down. The immediate support is felt around $0.290. However, if Ripple price starts improving, then the immediate resistance level would be found around $0.302. Here is the list of calculated resistance and support levels for XRP coin:

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.302 S1 $0.290
R2 $0.307 S2 $0.285
R3 $0.313 S3 $0.279

Ripple is counted among the high result yielding coins in the crypto market. The currency is likely to give a flourishing result in the long run. We would recommend the traders to pick a similar investment plan for booking high profits.

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