Ripple (XRP) Shows an 11% Drop; Falls to $0.23 Overnight

  • Ripple loses 11% on the last day to be placed at 0.23 USD.
  • The next support may fall at 0.21 USD.

Following the disastrous trend of the market, XRP has also made an overall loss of 11.8% in the last one day. The value is roaming around 0.2391 USD now. The five major price swings show the volatility of the value of Ripple against US Dollar.

Ripple Price Analysis

XRP coin starts the day with a fall between 04:59 UTC and 15:14 UTC and this fall cost it 5.94%; it pushed the value to 0.2550 USD. The second variation started at 16:05 UTC and in the next 2 hours 55 minutes it lost 0.0429 USD and reached 0.2202 USD, the lowest point of the day. However, the value could not have lasted long at this low and at 19:00 UTC XRP started strengthening and reached 0.2512 USD by 20:07 UTC. The fourth price swing happened over the next 3 hours and 51 minutes and Ripple loses 0.0178 USD. The last swing started at 23:57 UTC and by 01:49 UTC today, it added 0.0109 USD to push the coin to 0.2441 USD.

Ripple (XRP) Shows an 11% Drop; Falls to $0.23 Overnight
ripple price
Ripple Price Chart by TradingView

Ripple is at its worst phase of this year till now. A few months back, it was raging against 0.50 USD and now it is trying hard to remain above 0.20 USD. The 20 days and 50 days average are above the current price, so no bouncing back is expected soon.

Ripple (XRP) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.2630
2nd Resistance $0.2908
3rd Resistance $0.3088
1st Support $0.2172
2nd Support $0.1992

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