Ripple Stagnates at $0.26; Quick Recovery Seems Unlikely

  • Ripple stagnates at 0.26 USD without any sign of growth in the last 1 day.
  • In the past 30 days, the coin has been volatile with four major fluctuations.

Ripple couldn’t show any significant growth in the last 24 hours and its value against USD remains at $0.26. Over the last 30 days, the coin has shifted its price four times as far as big changes are concerned. The coin has been traveled from 0.30 USD to 0.24 USD in this month.

XRP Current Statistics-

  • Ripple is placed at 3rd rank in the market and the ROI stands at 4,352.31%.
  • A total of 42,984,656,144 XRP coins are in current circulation.
  • The market cap as on September 10, 2019 at 04:03 UTC stands at 11,242,328,252 USD.
  • The value of each coin stands at 0.00002533 BTC and 0.2614 USD.
  • The 24h volume is at 1,099,987,645 USD.

XRP to USD Price Comparison-

Ripple Price
Ripple Chart By TradingView

Ripple had its first swing between 10th August and 15th August and this swing cost the coin 0.0515 USD, which placed the coin at 0.2525 USD. This fall was followed by a hike of 15.44% and it happened between 15th August and 18th August, which added 0.0390 USD.

The next swing came as a price correction of 14.44% over the next 10 days from 18th August. It had a break on 26th August at 0.2769 USD. The last variation was an increment of 5.43% between 29th August and 10th September. This increment had a break on 3rd September having a high at 0.2643 USD. The last increment placed XRP at 0.2623 USD.

The market cap of Ripple on 10th August was 12,916,492,347 USD and the value of each coin stood at 0.3039 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin are respectively 12.96 % and 13.98 % less than the figures for the last month.

Ripple Price Prediction-

Ripple is one of the emerging coins of the current times and it has a huge potential to perform in the market. However, the recent future may not see any significant move. The details of the next resistance and support levels are as follows.

Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance 0.262956333 USD
2nd Resistance 0.266350667 USD
3rd Resistance 0.269007333 USD
1st Support Level 0.256905333 USD
2nd Support Level 0.254248667 USD
3rd Support Level 0.250854333 USD

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