Ripple Starts Weakening; Reached $0.27 after a 2.70% Blow over a Day

  • Ripple is down by 2.70% in the last one day and touched 0.27 USD.
  • The next support for Ripple may come at 0.2656 USD.

Ripple’s growth has made a complete U-Turn in the last few days. A few days ago, it was rising above 0.32 USD, and in the last 24 hours it has lost 2.70%, and the value has gone to 0.27 USD now. The five price swings for the day have a range between 0.2897 USD and 0.2712 USD.

Ripple Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Ripple opened at 0.2897 USD, and it started the day with a huge decline in the value. In the initial four and a half hours, it lost almost 0.0144 USD to reach 0.2753 USD. This was followed by a small hike of 2.29% between 04:35 UTC and 07:47 UTC; this hike took the price at 0.2816 USD. The third variation of the day started at 07:47 UTC, and over the next 9 hours, it cost XRP 0.0104 USD, and the final value reached 0.2712 USD, the lowest of the day. At 16:38 UTC, Ripple started strengthening, and by 23:50 UTC it touched 0.2786 USD with the help of a 2.73% increment.  The last variation happened between 23:50 UTC and 02:26 UTC today. This variation cost 0.0031 UTC and the value of XRP is at 0.2755 USD.

Ripple Starts Weakening; Reached $0.27 after a 2.70% Blow over a Day
Ripple Price
Ripple Chart By TradingView

As per our prediction and historical data, Ripple may have to seek the support of 0.2656 USD in the next few days. However, the medium-term outlook seems bullish.

Resistance and Support Levels:

Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance $0.287630667
2nd Resistance $0.296330333
3rd Resistance $0.302987667
1st Support Level $0.272273667
2nd Support Level $0.265616333
3rd Support Level $0.256916667

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