Ripple to Book Moderate Upsurge for the Intraday Traders

Ripple (XRP) is seen riding the bull; the movement is slow and steady. The current scenario in the crypto market has been quite volatile. The day begins with a fall and ends with a profit. However, today, the opening in Ripple was in profit and it looks like it would stay for some time. The last quarter was quite disappointing and we are expecting that the current one would help in recovering.

Ripple Price Analysis:

The data feed is taken from TradingView on October 3, 2019, at 10:12:14 UTC for price analysis.

Ripple to Book Moderate Upsurge for the Intraday Traders
Ripple Price Chart
XRP Price Chart by TradingView

Ripple started the day at $0.248; the price fell to $0.245 within the first few hours. XRP price kept dealing at the same level for some time. Further, the coin escalated by 3.8% from $0.24 to $0.25. The price immediately dropped to $0.24; this drop was 2.39%.

It started moving up and closed at $0.254 with an intraday escalation of 2.2%. XRP to USD opened with a fall and the price dropped to $0.024 from $0.254 by 2.60%. There is a slight escalation in the coin; we are anticipating that it would take the coin to a profitable counter.

XRP is the third-largest coin in the market; It holds a lot of expectations due to its position. It is anticipated that the future of XRP is bright. The brains behind the currency are also rumored to enter into a profitable venture, which would increase the popularity of Ripple.

We would recommend the long-term traders to opt for Ripple (XRP). The specified period would bring maximum profit to the investors.

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