Ripple to Launch Liquidity Service for Six Cryptos

Ripple recently announced the launch of its liquidity service for cryptocurrencies. Named Ripple Liquidity Hub, the venture will help organizations source virtual assets from across the market.

The network released an official post on its website regarding the launch. With the industry moving toward a crypto-dominated future, leveraging smart contracts and digital assets is pivotal. The key to facilitating this is instant liquidity, adding affordability and seamlessness.

As a dedicated liquidity platform for enterprises, Ripple Liquidity Hub will unlock quick liquidity for users. The announcement boosted Ripple’s market popularity, making many traders look for an XRP forecast.

The liquidity hub is developed as a turn-key solution for finance-based entities. It will use smart order routing to facilitate virtual assets’ sourcing at the best prices. In addition, the hub will interact with multiple OTC desks, exchanges, and market makers to render the prices. 

Enterprises can use the hub to seamlessly and quickly serve the ability to buy, hold, and sell digital assets to their end-users. Moreover, the users will get the best prices throughout different venues, making it a win-win deal for everyone.

Ripple Liquidity Hub will address age-old issues of enterprise customers, eliminating time-consuming and resource-demanding integrations. The hub will use a unified API while eliminating the need for pre-funding requirements. It frees up operating capital for the firms, which no other venture is offering.

XRP and XRP Ledger will also remain a native part of the tech stack. In addition, the hub will work toward achieving interoperability to unleash crypto’s ultimate potential. With the ability to interoperate cryptocurrencies across networks, Ripple Liquidity Hub will eliminate entry roadblocks, enabling healthier inclusion and competition.

That is why the hub is starting the operations by supporting XRP, BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH, and ETH. In addition, ripple plans to include more digital assets with functionalities like yield generating and staking. 

The venture already partnered with Coinme for its alpha version. As the first licensed BTC ATM company in the US, Coinme has already made several headlines. Joining hands with such a venture would definitely help both Ripple and Coinme.

Scott Cook

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