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Ripple vs Bitcoin: BTC Leads the Bullrun, XRP Follows

The recent price rally of Bitcoin has got its investors cheery as it crosses the 8100 USD price mark. The crypto leader Bitcoin has been maintaining its price above 8100 USD since yesterday.

The remarkable price surge of BTC has put an immense impact over the rest of the market. XRP, which was struggling since a few days to make a strong rebound has crossed 0.41 USD price point. Though, currently, it is trading at 0.40 USD.

Ripple and Bitcoin Price Current Statistics:


Ripple (XRP)Bitcoin (BTC)

Price (USD)

07:05:30 UTC

0.40 USD8118.88 USD

Market Capitalization

17,145,196,589 USD

143,983,700,659 USD
24h Volume1,239,959,243 USD

18,096,493,250 USD

Circulating Supply

42,501,950,124 XRP17,756,037 BTC
Return on Investment (RoI)6,767.70%


XRP and BTC price Chart:

Ripple/Bitcoin Price Chart


Ripple was trading as low as 0.39 USD when Bitcoin was ranging between 7800 USD to 8000 USD. With a sharp price spike, Bitcoin surged to 8270.92 USD with a 4.82% increase, followed by a small pullback. BTC since then has been trading above 8100 USD. Differing a bit from BTC, XRP struck a price rise as high as 0.41 USD with an increase of 5.50%. XRP, after that, has not dipped below 0.40 USD price mark. Meanwhile, BTC also has not gone below 8100 USD. In the last 24 hours, XRP has shown an increase of 2.56% and BTC has come up with an increase of 3.12%.

Prediction and Conclusion:

Over the last 24 hours, Both the coin has shown a price hike with a bullish trend. If XRP continues to go bullish, it may see resistance at 0.41 USD. Though if it dips again below 0.40 USD, it will face support levels at 0.39 USD and 0.38 USD. On the other hand, BTC which is already surging high surges further, it will face resistance at 8271.95 USD and 8398.36 USD. But if it takes a plunge, BTC may see support levels at 7940.75 USD and 7735.95 USD.


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