Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions: XRP’s Inconsistencies Have Put It in the Claws of Bear

Ripple (XRP) is a creation of Ripple Labs Inc. It is an independent digital currency based on Ripple Consensus Ledger. It facilitates the fastest transfer of values, and it has the aim of becoming reachable to every corner of the globe with its financial system. It offers a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network. Its distributed open source protocol maintains complete anonymity of the users and helps to represent fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and commodities.

Current Statistics-

RippleRipple (XRP) is the third largest coin in the market with an ROI of 5528 % and the total Ripple coins in the circulation stands at 41,792,108,527 XRP. The current value of market cap as on 13th April is 13,815,921,285 USD at 06:44 UTC. The value of each coin is 0.330587 USD and 0.00006475 BTC respectively. The 24 h volume stands at 1,047,697,607 USD at the same UTC.


The value of each Ripple (XRP) coin has not been consistent throughout the year. Though it started on a higher note of 0.35 USD to 0.37 USD, it failed to retain that growth for long. The inconsistencies have cost the coin a lot. The market cap on 13th March was 12,869,285,334 USD. The value of each coin was 0.310611 USD and 0.00007942 BTC respectively. The current market cap is 7.35 % more than the market cap of 13th March, and the value in USD has inflated by 6.43 % over the last 30 days. But the real growth was gained after 1st April. It almost grew by 33 % over a single day. But the growth could not be sustained.


This year Ripple (XRP) has not performed as per the expectations. With lots of variations in the pricing, the coin finally gained its momentum for a short time after April 1st. Though the coin started at a higher price, it could not sustain once it touched the restraint 0.36 USD.  It even touched as low as 0.29 USD by the end of January. Anyways, the current downward movement since the last two days will not be there for a longer period. It will rise again up to 0.35 USD level to find another resistance point. But on the medium term, the coin is likely to touch 0.45 USD by the end of this quarter. The short term outlook makes now a perfect time to lock in a buying stand. Long term outlook seems promising. Experts have predicted the coin to outperform many major coins in the market by 2020.

Roxanne Williams

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