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Ripple (XRP) vs Bitcoin (BTC): XRP and BTC Justify their Positions with Rapid Price Recovery

Ripple has recently shown improvement in its price after a couple of days. XRP coin was going through a rough patch with tumbling prices. It is yesterday when the currency started a strong upward movement.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin also had experienced a few price drops. BTC price, which was trading above 8000 USD a few days ago, is currently ranging around 7800 USD.

Current Statistics:


Ripple (XRP)Bitcoin (BTC)

Price (USD)

09:48:45 UTC

0.42 USD7963.75 USD

Market Capitalization

17,750,259,962 USD

141,490,476,077 USD
24h Volume2,122,759,610 USD

20,936,953,184 USD

Circulating Supply

42,238,947,941 XRP17,745,412 BTC
Return on Investment (RoI)7,054.34%


Ripple and Bitcoin Price Chart:Ripple/Bitcoin Price Chart

XRP and BTC Price Comparison:

Breaking out of its bearish trend, Ripple coin knocked a sharp price hike yesterday. It went as high as 0.43 USD from its price point as low as 0.39 USD in just 1 hour and 34 minutes with an increase of 8.95%. On the other hand, Bitcoin has not seen any such significant price rise contrary to XRP.

Ripple coin then saw a gradual pullback reaching 0.40 USD, while Bitcoin also went down at 7477.54 USD price mark. Currently, both the leading crypto coins have rebounded from there. In the last 24 hours, the BTC price has increased to 2.32% while the price of XRP has surged to 5%.


Bitcoin (BTC), being the top-most cryptocurrency, will surely propel the rest of the crypto market with its upcoming price surges. Additionally, as XRP has already started with a strong rebound, it will probably hit 0.45 USD price point in the next couple of weeks.


Ruti Vora

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