Ripple’s Interledger System and Coil Come Together to Work with Puma Browser for Privacy Benefits

After capping off successful weeks of partnerships for Ripple, the platform responsible for the second largest altcoin in the market, and other companies, the announcement of Coil declared yet another integration. The coil will now be linked with the Interledger of the San Francisco giant on Puma Browser’s system.

On April 7, the announcement was made on the social media of Twitter saying that that the iOS supported Puma Browser will be the browser integrating Interledger and Coil on its system. Coil explained the new agreement with Puma Browser and the Interledger protocol in the recent tweet.

Blockchain Technology embraced by Puma Browser

The San Francisco-based technology company- Puma Technologies is behind curating the Puma Browser which intends to be privacy- prioritizing platform. The company is seeking to participate in the race with the likes of Brave Browser- who has enabled the distribution of Basic Attention Token [BAT] on the viewing of certain websites.

The users will be now be allowed to pay for content and services without the hassles of tracking issues with this browser. As the Interledger protocol also facilitates the integration of crypto-based payment systems, Ethereum (ETH) and XRP will be working impeccably on this platform.

A former Ripple executive, Stefan Thomas has been responsible for funding Coil, the platform which seeks to help the monetization of content by the web content creators in an efficient way.

While the proponents of both the Coil camp and the Interledger camp are excited about this impending launch of the browser, Puma Browser has been creating hype in the crypto-payment community. So apparently, on paying for services and content, users will enjoy an advertisement free platform.

This integration between the two ledger protocols will work excellently, as Ripple’s Interledger protocol will enable entry into other virtual currency based payment and trading platforms. On account of the browser being able to expand worldwide, the possibility of mass adoption for cryptocurrencies will be reached faster. Interledger will help in allowing the protocol of both XRP and ETH to work together.

The XRP proponents anticipate the aim of achieving an Internet of Value [IoV] at this recent merger. This point has also been highlighted in the tweet by Research Centre:

While the announcements relating to the company has been positive, a bullish wave has washed over XRP. Since the start of April’s first week, over $2.3 billion were added by the altcoin, riding on the coattails of BTC, to its market cap in just a few days. By the closing of the week, a Borse Stuttgart exchange subsidiary- the Nordic Growth Market, introduced Exchange Traded Products [ETPs] roped to the price of XRP, further leading a 7 percent price thrust for XRP.

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