Ripple’s 4.0 Goes Live, Creates Stir in its 200+ Institutional Customers

The crypto potential does not need any introduction. XRP-powered XRapid with its recent development is setting envious milestones for its competitors. David Schwartz recently posted on Twitter about the exciting upgrade of xCurrent to xRapid. In his post, he announced that the 4.0 version is live now. He further added that he and his team are working on getting “all the customers upgraded.” But since it is not a simple and straightforward process, it is taking a while. The announcement also gave us a peek at the features of xRapid support. These features included things such as- “much easier peering and a much easier customer integration process are the major new features.”

As of now, the payment solutions that support the international payments system- xCurrent is working in its full range and is supporting over two hundred users to integrate xRapid. The integration has been made simple to give the users a user-friendly and easy to navigate experience.

With the upgrade, the users will be able to enjoy a much better “product interoperability.” Schwartz also added that this upgrade will support financial institutions such as banks to “seamlessly access xRapid for digital asset payments”, liquidity, much more efficient international payments, and speedy transactions, and so on. The banks that are already on the RippleNet can surely enjoy the features of this upgrade. This upgrade might make the rest of the banks to think to join RippleNet network.

The features of 4.0 were already laid out by Ripple back in November last year. They included things such as Multi-Hop Payments, New User Interface, Bulk FX, Enhanced Onward Forwarding, Easier Counterparty Peering, Increased Product Interoperability, Upgraded Multi-Currency Support, support for the Additional Error Codes, Zero Downtime, and Improved Auditing and Monitoring.

A few days ago CryptoNewZ covered the new developments in the Ripple land. The company has recently welcomed- Yoshitaka Kitao, a new director to its company. As of now, Kitao is the president, CEO, and representative director of SBI Holdings. On this, the executive chairman and the co-founder of Ripple- Chris Larsen had the following to share,

Approximately half of our customers are located in Asia-Pac today, and we are rapidly expanding our global footprint across the region. Mr. Kitao comes at a perfect time for Ripple as we look to deepen our customer base in Asia and beyond.

The two companies- Ripple and SBI have worked together previously too. They together launched SBI Ripple Asia three years ago.

Looking at the market performance of Ripple’s XRP on the other hand, at the press time, the crypto’s rate is 0.300170 U.S Dollars, with a growth rate of minus 0.70 percent.

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