Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s new tweet sparks cryptocurrency debate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently tweeted about the Biden administration’s treatment of crypto. The tweet chewing the US government has sparked debates about cryptocurrency worldwide.

The environmental lawyer turned to Twitter on May 3rd to talk about crypto and BTC in general. According to Robert, the US government is restricting innovation by hobbling the crypto industry. Robert believes that charging a 30% tax on crypto mining is a bad idea.

The lawyer talked about crypto mining using almost the same energy as video games. The environment argument is only a selective pretext that is used to suppress the elite power structure, such as Bitcoin, added Robert.

Throughout the string of tweets, Robert was bombarded with replies that claimed otherwise. However, the lawyer continued to scrutinize the restrictions imposed on crypto. The argument that criminals can exploit the crypto-system is valid. But it is not only the criminals that seek privacy.

It is a virtue desired by ordinary citizens and dissidents as well. It is especially true in nations where the government harasses enemies and crushes citizens via banks and payment platforms, added Robert.

To this, several users argued about crypto being used for anonymous and untraceable bribes sent to politicians. While Robert did not address the topic, the lawyer did talk about the biodiverse ecosystem being resilient.

Robert claimed that the global economy could also become more resilient with a variety of currencies. Using a single, centralized system has brought the economy to a fragile state, according to the environmental lawyer.

Crypto opposers using environmental exploitation to support their argument have been the case for several years now. That is why the latest set of tweets by a well-known environment lawyer supporting crypto sparked a new argument among users.


Despite being posted on May 3rd, the original tweet by Robert has accrued over 3 million views. The number keeps rising as more crypto enthusiasts are using the claims to back their arguments. 

Trevor Holman

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