RoboHero – Revolutionary & High-Level Play-to-Earn Metaverse

RoboHero – the first Play-to-Earn mobile game designed for smartphones and integrated with Terra blockchain will be an expansive metaverse where players will immerse themselves in a futuristic reality created by intelligent BioRobots. Thanks to their intelligence and advancement, the robots have recreated a world once devastated by the human race. Unfortunately, these machines have developed good qualities and weaknesses – they begin to feel disturbing emotions like anger and jealousy. It awakens their instinct to fight. Mechanical creatures split into factions to duel for limited resources and the life-giving LUNA.

The Explosion of Mobile Gaming 

RoboHero is the answer to the recent trends in the gaming industry. The games market has been experiencing a powerful boom – in 2021 alone generated $175.8B in revenue. Gaming, particularly mobile gaming, continues its skyrocketing rise in the entertainment industry. Newzoo counted that mobile gaming generated $93.2B in 2021. It shows that gamers expect entertainment to be available at their fingertips. 

Smartphones and other mobile devices became the entry point to the metaverse. The founders of RoboHero are addressing these needs in the first-ever mobile Play-to-Earn game integrated with the Terra blockchain. They wanted to create a game you can play everywhere you go – all you need is your smartphone, an app and some LUNA. 

“We Fight for Luna”

RoboHero game will be set in the year 31337, after a climatic catastrophe where living beings can no longer survive in the Earth’s climate. Intelligent, highly developed robots are in charge. Each RoboHero will have unique characteristics that combine base properties, attributes, factions, classes, and corresponding bonuses. 

The game has a lot to offer users. The player will be able to choose whether to participate in PvE combat mode, in which the user fights against computer-generated characters. Alternatively, one can decide to participate in PVP, where the competition is against other users on the platform. In both cases, there will be attractive rewards in the form of tokens. As much as 30% of the total RoboHero token supply is allocated to gameplay rewards. Fights will occur in desert areas, swamps, jungles, mountains, and futuristic cities. RoboHero project is a great design, a compelling storyline and engaging gameplay.

Another benefit of the game is that no investment is required at the start, as with other Play-to-Earn games. What is unique about this game is that the entry threshold is zero. You can participate in the Watch-to-Earn system to reward Luna for watching ads. The assets you receive can be invested in your first game. There will also be a Market Place on the RoboHero platform where you can buy robot accessories in the form of NFTs. 

Recent RH Milestones

RoboHero has reached several milestones in the last two months. The graphics of the first three robot factions have seen the light of day, 3D models are currently being developed, and the first RoboHero NFT character collection was minted on MintDao. Moreover, the RH project has established many key partnerships with StarTerra, GamerHash, Ari10, Playnity, and many more.

RoboHero will allow you to make money through fair robot competition, tailored provision of DeFi tools, and also by collecting and selling our NFT on the Market Place. The project meets with tremendous interest and will be listed on the DEX on 28 February! Follow RoboHero’s social media to be up-to-date. Stay tuned!


See you in the RoboHero metaverse!

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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