ROCKI Unveils the Largest NFT & BSC-Based Musical OS

For the first time in the history of music, singers and other musicians are about to get their Blockchain platform to pave a wider and better pathway for their journey of the symphony. The time was ripe for launching an alternative to the copious streaming services that capitalize on the talents of aspiring artists and pay them peanuts. Of course, nobody wants to earn only 200 dollars per year for an album that pays the streaming services thousands. ROCKI tries to provide the musicians a platform to connect with the subscribers and other fans of their work while getting the full intellectual rights protected and the right amount they deserve.

Since its beginning, ROCKI has followed a different path than the rest of the streaming platforms by attempting to reward the creators of independent musical content with the compensation they require. However, the algorithms of most online music channels give preference to established artists over budding ones.

Hence, the experiment with NFT is a viable alternative. They have already shown to the entire world that NFT’s can prove to be a powerful tool to promote an artist. For instance, hosting NFT auctions for music, where half of the royalty rights of the chart-busting album “Cotton Eyes” by Guy J was sold at an astonishing price of 40 Ethereum coins. Such success was achieved only by the cooperation and support from Bounce Finance, which specializes in music auctions based on Defi protocol. The Binance NFTs require minimum support for the development and can be transacted at the fastest speed. Furthermore, such NFTs can be exchanged on both Blockchain and ROCKI as stocks, increasing their price and providing lucrative rewards for the artist. In the words of Hernan Cattaneo, the star DJ of South America, music NFTs have provided him with a new way to interact with his fanbase and expand it.

Trevor Holman

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