RockItCoin Partners With Blockchain Institute to Install 200th Kiosk in Chicago

Picking up the momentum, RockItCoin has announced the opening of its 200th  cryptocurrency kiosk. According to the press release, this development is the result of coming together of RockItCoin and Blockchain Institute.

This new Kiosk is located in 4649 N Broadway, Hackhaus coworking space in Chicago. The primary motive behind its opening is to facilitate the conversion of Bitcoin into fiat currency, i.e., the US Dollar. One of the distinguishing features of this kiosk is that it allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, among others.

Official Statements

RockItCoin’s CEO Michael Dalesandro said that this event is an important milestone in their journey. What makes this achievement special is the fact that Chicago is the city where the company started its business, and now it has installed its 200th kiosk in the same city.

Blockchain Institute, which came into being in 2018, said that its primary motive is to encourage the development and usage of blockchain technology among the masses. Efforts are on to make blockchain a mainstay technology in the future, and this collaboration is the right step in that direction.

Executive Director of Blockchain Institute, Taylor Gerring, said that their association with RockItCoin has helped bring the kiosk to their space, which will act as a real-world blockchain application. One can accomplish several tasks on a kiosk, including the processing of payments, creating digital IDs, regulating the sharing of data, monitoring the supply chain, and so on. In sum, possibilities are numerous.

Dalesandro emphasized that their kiosks offer fully safe and secure cryptocurrency buying and selling services. It only happens when you provide the kiosk with validation and identification; you’ll be able to access its services.

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